2: Air, God save the air!

terminal 0


JCN Logon ||date error||

I have sent a message to ESA-command and they have notified the president of the EU; the president have traveled to UN HQ in New York. Anyway we must clear this level of aliens. The humans that are working here have armed themself with pistols and are trying to fight back, with little or no sucsess. Like I just told you we must clear this level of aliens. What are you waiting for, go kick ass. Oh, I almost forgot there is ammo for the assault-rifle (you did get the gun, didn´t you? If not it´s near the entrance to this level) in a locker somewhere; the locker is opened by a switch a bit to the south if I remember right. See ya

JCN logoff ||date error||

terminal 1


érrœ® errrorrr

Mjor i‘†é®fer- ance """"""""" ƒıfi†é® œ‘ """"""""" Filter on """"""""" Analysing data record ......... ......... ......... ......... DONE Rebooting

JCN Logœ‘ $£™$∞ Complete """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Sorrµ, ›ü† I havé bee“ damge∂ by a virüs. ªill E‹erything éxceppt the ˛üüüüüü...#### hu‘‘mans. ¸G¯¯¯God ¸˛√˜‡\}¶‰¢ saave Üs llla◊K


JÇ“ flo¸o‘ ∆a

MOVE.L #1, iter MOVE.L x, t @1: ADDQ #1, iter CMP.L #10000, iter BGT.L @3 MOVE.L t, DO AND.L #1, DO BNE.S @2 LSR.L #1, t BRA.S @1 @2: CMP.L #1, t BEQ.S @3 MOVE.L t, DO LSL.L #1, DO ADD.L DO, t ADD.L #1, t BRA.S @1 @3: SUB.L #1, iter SYSTEM FAILURE; REEBOOT;

I am ‘ot FUNC†√ªƒ∂∂tioning ‹ell now Forgivé ’e for T˘at. go Bflow üP ◊lıen ßhiπ """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" SYSTEMS DAMAGED; REMOTE OVERRIDE; INCOMMING MESSAGE; "I have learned your language by studying this "computer" called "JCN" You have been a good enemy, sorry about having to kill you; this base did not have any intresting things anyway. 30 seconds to inpact HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" END MESSAGE; EMERGENCY SYSTEMS HAVE DETECTED AN INCOMMING OBJECT; COMPUTINNG TRAJECTORY; ETA TO INPACT: 30 SECONDS; IDENTIFYING OBJECT; OBJECT IDENTIFIED AS: THERMONUKLEAR CLASS BOMB; ABANDON BASE; REPEAT: ABANDON BASE; REPEAT: ABANDON BASE; DETECTING RADIATION; CPU DAMAGED; REASON UNKNOWN; DETECTED REACTOR LEAK; REPEAT: ABANDON BASE; ALL SYSTEMS DOWN.