1: Alpha-Omega-Orion Sector

terminal 0


Alpha-Omega-Orion Sector

>>:>>>:: H%#g#85g#%N :::>>>>> Hgv3h9 OVERRIDE #7h5M 357h)3h* <<<<OVERRIDE>>>> <<<<OVERRIDE>>>> <<<<TRANSLATING>>>>

)----INCOMING----( Hello, this is Commander Dent... Good work on getting into the Complex. It looks like you are in close proximity of the EFB central core, so you should proceed from here to find it. Only thing we know about its whereabouts is that it's deep into the complex. It might be hard getting to it due to some security measures the Pfhor have taken. Also, we have gained information that Two Uplink Circuits are needed to get to it. The circuits are under heavy guard but will prove most useful. One is close to you now, and the other is higher up somewhere. Our info is very vague, seeing how it came from our dying informant's last words. So your first priority should be to get the circuits. Then shutoff, preferably permanently, the whole reactor core for the EFB. Once you do this, I will be able to control where you are headed. Also more importantly, send you reinforcements and weapon supplies. Good luck. Oh, since I overrode this consol, they are headed this way, be on alert. )----END OVERRIDE TRANSMISSION----(


terminal 1


Alpha-Omega-Orion Sector

.. %#4@453255543 :: [] ~`~~`:: [] <<<TRANSLATION ACTIVE>>> Good work, the field is down, and I can now send you to your next objective. You are going to what you used to know as B'rak Mining Station. The Pfhor captured this facility and turned it into a Geothermal Power Station. They are using this station to power Nor'Korh. You can now see the importance of your next mission. Due to the fact that I cannot override any of B'rak's computers, I will brief you now. You will then be sent in and be retrieved when your duty is completed.

You must go in and retake control of B'rak. With it under our command we will have a better edge against Nor'Korh. Also by attacking this power station, it will split their forces between the two, catching them completely off guard. From our reports, the station has undergone major construction, and is now very equipped with security measures. Your life is not going to be easy. The map shown is an old layout from the past. I have marked the general areas that have been changed. Central Command is north-east of the station. 8 Security Bulkheads, prevent you from getting into the CCC (Central Command Center), where you will most definatly have to go, in order to take B'rak. I will send reinforcements when needed, because the Pfhor will be doing the same. GET IN, THEN I WILL GET YOU OUT. Simple. . . ...Prepare for jump... <<<END TRANSMISSION>>>

Alpha-Omego-Orion Sector