2: B'rak Power Station

terminal 0


Central Command

3&#% vbvd .>..>..... [] peb4 #444111111111 m,.rgre v <<<COMMAND OVERRIDE>>> Well it looks like I was able to override one of these computers after all. I am now sending you back to Nor'Korh to sweep the inner areas of the main building. Clear out any alien you come across. This is vital to taking over Nor'Korh. With the alien scum still lingering, how can we continue operations and in the end, possessing Nor'Korh for ourselves? Prepare for jump... <<<END TRANSMISSION>>>

Central Comman72U

terminal 1


Hello old friend...

Congrats on finding this... I am sure it was not EASY. Why else would I go through all the trouble to do this if it was EASY. Anyway, while I have your attention... (ego explosion nulled) I wrote a map makers guide to Pfhorte, and everyone loved it... but let's face the facts... use Forge. I do however know everything there is to know about using Forge though... but try not to email me any questions. ;-) PLAY ALL THE FRIGIDMAN NET MAPS! These are the best net maps available today for Marathon2, and Marathon:Infinity. At least that's what everyone tells me.

If you haven't already guessed, this isn't part of the adventure... I sure hope your having fun on this... I spent a lot of time doing it. All of the stuff created in this was of my own innovation and ambition to make a short solo adventure better than any other solo adventure made ;-D I worked overly hard on this, and if anyone tries to steal any of my sole idea's, is just a cold heartless bastidge. Please don't do that... respect what I have done. AFTER FINISHING THIS, GO PLAY PROJECT:CURSE It's the HUGE sequal to this, complete with new aliens, new weapons, and a ton of other new things. A MUST HAVE, if you enjoy Marathon Infinity.

Good luck...

<teleport to polygon 470>

terminal 2



DORK! YEAH YOU! YOUR THE DORK! Looking in my terminals with HEX! or some other (not so bitchin') editor! You think your pretty smart huh? Well, you just made a vital mistake. You know that slight noise that your drive made while accessing this terminal through hex? Well... that was the VIRUS that I had in this file! I figured, why not infect the noisy little creeps who look in the maps terminals without actually playing the game, like some wimpy little boy. BE A MAN! PLAY THE DAMN GAME FOR YOURSELF! You moron.