2: Another Red Eye II

terminal 0


** incoming message ** Whew! We got out of there just in time... M.D.I. Headquarters has already started celebrating your work. They've erected a statue in my honor - fighting proudly - just outside the Entertainment Sector. Good work! Quickly now, go back to the Teleportation Bay - there's an important message coming in from Top Command. Hurry, I'm sure you'd like a statue in your honor someday, too. - Lt. Mjr. Blake ** end transmission **

terminal 1


** incoming message ** Apparently, the invasion continues. Sources have confirmed the Nia'Gara-Power- Generating-Facility has some unexpected guests. They've already annhilated the entire crew, and you're going to stop them...(we hope). Once inside you're on your own. Although I believe the communications panels are still up - there isn't one human alive to use them! I'll have an actual plan for you later - IF you can make it to one of them...good luck 'ol pal. Now get moving - because it's "your ass or mine" - and I have a party to attend! See how quickly you can get out of there, maybe you'll still have time to join us. If not, it's been nice knowing you... (They tell me it's Hell in there!) - 1st Lt. Mjr. Blake ** end transmission ** ** teleport when ready **