3: It's Either Three, Or None-

terminal 0


** incoming message ** What I can tell you at this point, is... you're still under heavy attack. I'm sorry I ever got you into this, but that ego of your's...well, ...anyway - Our records show a Tri-Seal-Security-Lock, with access keys distributed throughout the complex, is your only escape. Once you have one of the keys, quickly find a teleporter that will take you up to the Orbital-Security-Exiting-Station. Insert all three (3) keys - mission accomplished. Doddle, and wander - you'll die.

Of course, you can always find your way up to the O.S.E.S. and suffocate yourself - but that would not help the cause. I have faith you will blindlessly run around killing everything in site. Do your best, I don't expect to hear from you again...but if I do - It'll probably be because of something brilliantly done on my part. Cheerie-o. - 1st Lt. Mjr. Blake ** end transmission **

terminal 1


** incoming message ** Your skills are extra-ordinary. You certainly do learn quickly...Or I'm one-hell-of-a teacher! Olaƒ ƒub: R.I.P. Did you find the instant teleporter? I told you to run around and find all those keys, didn't I? Well, someday you'll figure it all out. What a diversion! My plan is finally starting to come together - Thanks again for all your help. - President Blake ** end transmission ** ** teleport when ready **