0: Welcome To Hell

terminal 0


<Data Access> <Secure Transmission> <2.08.45>

Welcome to the most desolate place in the galaxy. This Rea 4, a small moon in the Osterburg quadrant. Although this location has little military value, it provides the perfect cover for the Phor's latest atrocities.

I've sent you here to crush their plans and have a bit of fun! I've removed the remaining human victims. Your job is the kill the troops that remain and disable this facility. I'll transport fusion packing troops to assist you when possible.

This is the Phor's death complex. Thousands of human lives have been lost here to assure the Phor remain in control though intimidation. By keeping the humans in check, the Phor's thirst for universal domination fuels their plans of war and destruction.These guys never seem to give up.

First you must activate this switch to enter the lower level of this complex. Make sure you activate it before you leave this building.

<checkpoint 2>

Once you are here, I can teleport you out

terminal 1


<Data transmission> <>

You have done well. It seems the Phor are not going to go down without a fight. Perpare for some heavy resistance. I've contacted our ancient allies, they're coming...

<Data Transmission> <67.23m> Prepare to jump