1: Problem

terminal 0


<Data Transmission> <345m.567d.3>

Here is where you can do the most damage. You must not fail. By enabling the reducer chip, you'll cripple the machinery below the planet and bring the Phor to their knees.

I've teleported the special chip Somewhere in this area.

<checkpoint 1>

You must find the Catacombs to active this switch then, you'll gain entry to the Oblisk of Life.

A switch to active the entry chamber is somewhere in this area.

Place the Chip here and find the Transport area.

terminal 1


<Data Transmission> 12-4567-344.0>

Problem? Have you done what I've asked?


<Data Tansmission> 34bb-56.9>

It seems we've gotten more than we bargained for! When you succeeded in deactivating the complex you also destroyed a cloaking beam concealing a space station orbiting the moon! The end is at hand.

Our friends the S'Pht'Kr are already engaged in a battle royale to the death against their favorite enemy. Your help is required. The S'Pht'Kr have made a few surprizing adjustments to your fusion pistol.You'll need this advantage to succeed. Expect the worst.

<data Transmission> 5675