2: Flip me the Facts

terminal 0


<Data Transmission> 45377#&^$#***^&%#(

Listen closely...)^**%RV&(ROYUPY%^&%E%^*#@*$(P){*{JMMM DEACTVATE&*T)OTIUGLB GNJKB (&_BVU PM<NVHJB$^%U

<checkpoint 0>

Here is..ITR&* ^( TOU Y :? >>?><????? : LLL?

<checkpoint 1>

Fing thisss.dasa*(%^O?>>

<checkpoint 2>

Now you must,darWQ%&^QNJ%NN&

terminal 1


<Data Transmission> 5467-ert

A problemadf*)&%)*V% PIUNN(*&^%_&*%*&))))TPI:UGG Not complete *&%))%VC ** TPI:UK



Job well done! You have destroyed the Death Camp and deactivated the Space Station's force field! Now we can vaporize it! Stand by for de-briefing...

< 456.32421.98789>

<teleport to polygon 150>

terminal 2


BUNGIE RULES!!! Thanks for all the hours of fun!

I hope you enjoyed "The Osterburg Adventure". All levels created by Mike Slavko. Special thanks to Claude Errera!

I'd like to dedicate The Osterburg Adventure to my daughter Antigone. <Dad is still the bigger kid!>