0: Escape

terminal 0


Logging on to the Qiarn Network...... Message from Ixor coming through.

Hello. This is Cike calling you from your home planet of Ixor. It took quite a load of money to bribe the Qiarn Network to let this message get through to you. It is nice to hear of your escape. We have made a deal with a freighter from UPS to pick you and your buddies up, if you make it to the roof of these buildings. But first you must free them...

Thank you for using the Qiarn Network.

terminal 1


Logging on to the "MS Raight" terminal system.

Welcome on board the MS Raight, an automatic freighter in the service of the UPS company. We are under pretty heavy shooting right now, and we are not armed, so I’ll make this introduction short. We are not usually carrying living persons, so you must excuse the conditions onboard. I have allready picked up some of your fellow prisoners.

First of all. Before you enter the upper decks of this craft, you have to pass through the debacterization chamber in the middle of this room. It serves as an elevator at the same time. In the meantime I will bring this ship away from this planet.

Logging off the system...