1: Travelin’

terminal 0


Logging on to the "MS Raight" terminal system.

Welcome to the upper decks. Unfortunately I have to bring you a sad announcement. You fellow prisoners has apparantly gone totally mad from their brainwash, and has started smashing up some of the equipment. This is the reason why gravity is fucked up and why we have not startet warp-speed yet. So if you want to get out of here before the Pfhor gets here, you have to turn on the warp-speed manually in the cockpit in the other end of this ship. I hope th...

System failure. Network down. Check the cables and try again.


Logging on to the "MS Raight" terminal system.

I see you completed the mission, so I’ll let you off. You will be ported to the surface of the Rixor-outpost, which is pretty well guarded, so watch out. Here you go.

Logging off the "MS Raight" terminal system. Ready for teleportation....