1: Jingle Bells, Prison Cells---

terminal 0



I'm glad to see you've made it this far. Really, I'm just oozing with excitement. Let's tell him what he's won... You've won the chance to fight your way through the prison area of the science base with your bare hands!! Since the force field is still up around most of the base, I can't teleport you anything. You'll just have to scrounge, and use your new fist-mounted toys.

In any case, I've been looking through their computer system while you were indisposed. It's resisting me, but it won't be able to keep me from even it's best-encrypted memory banks for long. I've seen notes of something that we could use to turn this base on it's head, but I'll need some time to get the whole story. In the meantime, fight your way to the far end of the main hallway. The second main door is stuck, by the way; you'll have to do some crawling through ventilation shafts to get around it. All the other doors are openable, so get moving!

Oh -before you go- watch out for blue Hunters. They aren't as big as the blue Hunters you've run into before, but the Security Hunters here have some firepower that you would not enjoy being in front of. MOOOOOOOOO!!!! (a new step in Artificial Intelligence- Rampant Bovinity! Like it?)




Be careful on the upper levels... I've come across notes of a new Enforcer weapon, even more powerful than the old one. The Scientists are a sub-clan of the Enforcers, so you may have your hands full up there. Ciao!


terminal 1



Here's that thing I was talking about before... I'm sure you've run into those Fighters who wear green, but are bigger and taller than the others, and do much more damage with their staffs? Good. They are made that way by injections of PGH, the Pfhor Growth Hormone. This is an extremely painful process, and the recipients are quite infuriated for a while, but the Pfhor put them through extensive conditioning before they jion the ranks of the Fighters. I'm sure you've also run by some walls of mottled red metal? Those are cells, many of which hold PGH-grown Pfhor who haven't yet been conditioned. If you can set them free, we'll have a big enough diversion to get most of Security down off the upper levels.

In the room to your left, there is a switch and a teleporter. The teleporter will take you to the upper levels once you're done here, and the switch will open up the last door on the side of the main corridor that you haven't entered yet. Explore deeper, look for a hidden panel in Torture Chamber C, and flip the switch in the Primary Research Room that will open the cell doors we need. A word of warning- most of the berserk Pfhor will be interested only in attacking their torturers (the Pfhor), but a few may take interest in your blood as well...




It is done.... Security is flooding this level and the ones above it, containing the spread of freed experiments. Use the teleporter in the next room, and head onwards to the upper levels! Prepare yourself to be sent through a Pfhor modification tank that I have gained control of along the way; it may hurt for a moment, but the more you try to swim out of it, the more it'll hurt. Just let yourself sink, and deal with the pain. I'm sure you can handle it.


terminal 2



Experiment log entry 47 Log date: 12911.26 Scientist: L'hath Laser weapon design is complete. It fulfills all project requirements; weapon is fast, cheap, accurate, recoiless, and moderately powerful. Weapon design includes external targeting system. Internal design allows either 1-shot pulse and 5-shot beam. Live subject tests have proven the laser weapon to be slightly more powerful than the assault rifle. At a rate of 15 pulses/second or 3 beams/second, total theoretical number of humans killed per second is 8-11. I hope that this weapon will fulfill High Command's desire to have a newer, more efficient weapon for the Trooper clan; I have outfitted a small number of Troopers with the laser rifle for field testing.