2: Pfhorce of Will

terminal 0



Did you have a nice bath? I hope you feel all nice and clean now. How do you like the modifications I made? Mainly some stabilizing of your new weapons, the damage should be more consistent now. Also, your left fist now launches three smaller fusion bolts instead of one large one; total power is about the same, but now you have a chance of making a grazing hit.

In any case, here on the upper levels of the research base, the d├ęcor is much more Pfhor. Don't you just love it? I shoulda been an interior decorator. Finishing your job up here, however, will be a real pain in the ass. You'll have to run around left and right, getting ID cards from scientists again and again. Once you step on the transporter in the center of the room, you'll end up in a large chamber. I suggest going south first; that way lies a large munitions-storage area, containing a few copies of the Pfhor missile launcher. To the north you will find two Scientists, each of whom is carrying an ID card, which fit into the slots in the initial chamber. You won't have much trouble recognizing the Scientists when you see them; they look similar to Enforcers, but they are much larger and wear clothes of a different color. It is standard procedure among Pfhor scientists to use any developments that have proven safe on themselves; the Scientists will be quite powerful foes.

One last note: be gentle with the Scientists! I know it's a lot to ask from a mindless war-monger like yourself, but if you finish off the Scientists with explosives or fire, their ID card will be destroyed if they are carrying it on them. If you kill a Scientist all gentle-like and there's no ID card on their corpse, search the area; it is bound to be close by. Go out there, and make me proud! (heeheehee)


terminal 1



<<<General Project Report, unclassified for public knowledge>>> Experiment log entry 194 Log date: 12846.02 Scientist: Gathre Status: Stage Four complete. High-grade cloaking enhancement currently being tested on Hunter armor. Following completion of Stage Three, cloaking device self-implantation had been finished. Lab entrance sequence: 1-3-2-3-S


terminal 2



I've taken the liberty of reading the information in this terminal already. I'm sure you don't mind? Goooooood. Just some bring lab notes about PGH injections, laser rifles, and some nasty gun called a Stormcannon. . . nothing you need to waste your time reading. Now get your lazy ass in gear, and get going!


terminal 3



Two scientists down, two more to go! Your final goal here will be to lower the cloaking shield around the base, so that I can begin orbital bombing and teleport you out of there. In order to do this, you'll need to destroy part of the main reactor, which can be reached via the ventilation shafts to your left. However, both the reactor area and ventilation shafts are flooded with the acidic Pfhor goo, and the only one who can drain it is the chief scientist, Hapf'san. Guess what? You're going to have to kill him and get his ID card!

Command Laboratory 1, where Hapf'san works, is through the door to your right. Of course, the door is locked. Of course, you will need another ID card. The door behind you leads to the lab where Soa'hl, the assistant to Hapf'san, can be found. He's the only other scientist whose ID provides entrance to Command Lab 1. There is some good news, though: looking through Soa'hl's notes, I can see that he never keeps his ID card on him, so you can be as brutal and nasty to him as you desire. He's the one with the Scientist's robes, but without the PGH-enhanced size of the others.


terminal 4


>>>You have gone too far, cyborg. >>>Do not attempt to continue your assault on }}}this base. If you somehow manage to survive }}}past my Hunters, Enforcers, Troopers, the }}}forces of Security, and my assistant Soah'l, }}}you will meet your end upon my Stormcannon. >>>This research base, which I have brought up }}}from the dirt, shall be known forever as the }}}final resting place of the last of the Mjolnir, }}}the Villain of the Marathon. >>>The name of Hapf'san shall go down in history!

terminal 5


>>>This is your last chance. >>>If you wish to continue your puny excuse for }}}an existance, do not continue southwards. >>>You have been warned.

terminal 6



Here you are, Fusion Core Chamber A! Around the corner, behind the blast door, you will see one of the four main fusion reactors of the base. Its destruction will sufficiently disable the power systems of the research base so that the cloaking shield will be dropped, and the bombings will begin! Once your job is done, return to this terminal, and I will be able to teleport you out. The fusion core is unaffected by most forms of attack available to you; the only way to destroy it is by puncturing it. Pound into it with projectile weapons, and you're home free!




It is done! The cloaking shield is down, and this base will be leveled as soon as I can teleport you out of there! So, what're you waiting for? Get back up here!! Oh, and, um, by the way, congratulations on, ah, a job well done. . . I hate being polite.