2: Metro

terminal 0


Oh shit, sorry. Here's what's happened.. I left just a few minutes ago myself. There was a huge rumble, and a massive group of Gragars have appeared from what must be a secret underground base. They came up through the metro tunnels, and have destroyed most of it. It was a surprise attack, and in my leave I closed off as much of the Metro as possible to contain them there, I don't know how effective this has been. I'm sorry to leave you in this predicament, but do what you can. I'll try to make contact as soon as I can. This image is the only information I have at the moment, I don't know if the map is much good? Make your way through the metro and try and get to the machinery room. There is a rumour that there is a passage out by the pump. If you can make it there I'll try to contact you soon after. <<SIGNOFF>> <<TRANSMISSION SENT>>

Transmission Closed

terminal 1


OK good. I have some more information for you. The Gragars have proceeded to take over many of the strategic points in the city, one of which is the Federal Building. There are many of them there, and I need you to sweep the area. This is of course a top security building, and there are several chips, and a combination of switches that you need to activate to have access to all of it. To get out at the end, there is the governmental Shuttle which you can use, that I'll prepare for you. <<SIGNOFF>> <<TRANSMISSION SENT>> ***PREPARE FOR TRANSPORT***