4: Asteron

terminal 0


Good, this communication appears to have worked..... There's basically only one primary objective here; to eliminate the head Gragars. One word of caution. The entity in the picture is known as "Jeng". He is one of many cloned cyborg beings, that were engineered from the DNA of the original Jeng. Jeng was an incredibly advanced being, with developed energy and power. He may be harder to kill, but I trust in your ability.... <<SIGNOFF>> <<TRANSMISSION SENT>>

Transmission Closed

terminal 1


You are going to the Sanctuary here. There you'll find one of the highest ranks of the monks. Of course you will have to terminate these beings also, which will disable Asteron, and prevent it from continuing with its mission. There's not much I can tell you about this inner sanctum, except that it is one of the nerve centers, and must be obliterated to save Europa from attack... This is important, you've come this far, don't mess up..... <<SIGNOFF>> <<TRANSMISSION SENT>> ***PREPARE FOR TRANSPORT***