0: Brave New World

terminal 0


Terminal Tag: 09033-AAX Location: Cryo Chamber 7-A (//AUTOMATED MESSAGE) -------------------------------------------- Cryopod N°: 10921 Crew ID: 092-1209103 Cryogenic Stasis Duration: 107 Years - 7 Months - 4 Days - 7 Hours You have been awakened from cryosleep. You will find clean clothing on the table to your left. Spending time in cryosleep may cause following effects: Nausea, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Loss of appetite, Insomnia, Depression, Hallucinations, Heart Attacks... (//Expand...)

Terminal Tag: 09033-AAX Location: Cryo Chamber 7-A (//AUTOMATED MESSAGE) -------------------------------------------- Report for briefing at Command Bridge C. Ship AI Lysander will notify you of any major events and/or changes before filing a report and providing you with new orders. ^4519cercifucatcleqlin ^4511tiypcbhaoccbihana ^4519cercifucatcleqlib ^4511rixpicatnucbieana ^4519cercifufztcleqlik ^4511diawijyotpqkdylit ^4519cercifucutcleqlib ^4511duzpicatnccaennab MESSAGE END

terminal 1


Terminal Tag: 09112-AAX Location: Armoury 6 Warning: Critically Low On A1-Mega Ammunition Warning: Critically Low On B3-Standard Ammunition Warning: Critically Low On C5-Mega Ammunition Warning: Critically Low On A2-Standard Ammunition Warning: Critically Low On Fusion Batteries Warning: Critically Low On D4-Heavy Shells Warning: Critically Low On D3-Standard Shells Warning: Critically Low On C3-Ion Batteries Warning: Critically Low On Plasma Cannisters Warning: Critically Low On E7-Light Batteries (//Expand...)

terminal 2


Terminal Tag: 09213-AAX Location: Waste Control Core Status: OK Pump Status: OK Pipeline Group 1 Status: Damaged Pipeline Group 2 Status: OK Pipeline Group 3 Status: OK Pipeline Group 4 Status: Critical Pipeline Group 5 Status: Damaged Pipeline Group 6 Status: Damaged (//Expand...)

terminal 3


And a fine day to you. I hope you’ve recovered from the cryo-sleep side effects; I imagine they can be quite harsh. Now I know you’re probably wondering ‘who the hell is this’ and ‘where am I’, so let me bring you up to speed. You are currently on board the UESC Trinity, one of the few remaining ships of the UESC fleet. I am the ship’s main AI, Lysander. General Harth is in command of this small regiment, although he’s currently not available. Where you ask? Well, apparently he’s inside one of the command bunkers with his officers discussing what our next move might be. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to tell you why you were reawakened in the first place.

Remember what happened approximately a century ago? Yes? Well, let’s just say things haven’t changed much since then, for better or for worse. A new generation of B.O.B.s have taken command of this dusty juggernaut and have done nothing but explore our enormous galaxy since then. Our supplies were dwindling and started running seriously low when we stumbled across this little gem in the middle of nowhere. Yes, that’s right. We’ve found a habitable planet. Finally. But that’s not all. Our scanners have also detected a derelict which our experts assume to be a ’Sphinx Light Cruiser’. Yes, it’s a human ship. Our records tell us nothing of a ship this far out from Earth; we have no idea how the hell it got here and why.

What really bothers me is the fact that the rusty thing is crawling with bugs. And not just any bugs- your favourite kind. The damned ship is under Pfhor control, although it doesn’t seem like they’ve noticed us yet. Well will you look at that, the human weapon has some brains after all! Yes, this is where you come in. Just your usual: scout the ship, eliminate foes, blah blah; you know the drill. But halt! There’s a small twist: I’d like you to cause as little ruckus as possible. This is going to be a stealth-oriented mission. I seriously wonder why HQ picked you of all people for this, but hey, it’s not my synthetic life that’s on the line.

Just do as HQ says and you’ll probably be fine. As soon as you’re done we should be able to start colonising Aenna, as the scientists named it. I’m personally not a big fan of the name, it’s supposed to mean ‘hope’ in some long-lost and forgotten language. Any more questions? No? Good. Equip your helmet and load up that magnum, marine. Today is the day of your redemption. Oops, did I snap a nerve? Sorry. Now, now, off you go. Lysander out.