2: Who Needs Oxygen When You Have Pride-

terminal 0


Terminal Tag: 00056-AAB Location: Control Room 5 Whoops. Sorry about that; those troops stationed in the hangar were quite a nasty surprise. I admit, it’s my fault, I should’ve double checked the area with another scan. Anyways, let us make haste: the oxygen in your container isn’t going to last forever.

Terminal Tag: 00056-AAB Location: Control Room 5 A breach in the ship’s flank has caused the area to depressurise. [view image] The breach is ancient; based off of the shape and the remains I’d say some kind of heavy burst laser caused it at around the same time the crew was wiped out. The Pfhor were clearly prepared for this assault. You better hurry so we can salvage any supplies before we’re exposed to the same fate.

I’ve just completed my secondary and tertiary scans: only a few dozen grunts remain in the rusty hallways of this relic. Wipe them out. And please do so before the vacuum causes your squishy little cells to implode. This terminal does not have access to a functioning teleporter. You’ll have to find another one. Lysander out.

terminal 1


Terminal Tag: 00057-AAB Location: Command Bunker 4 -Sound File #4512092- Sergeant Schmidt reporting- we’ve lost control of sectors 4, 6 and 7- we need back-up immediately! My squad’s been holding out in Command Bunker 4 for the past 20 minutes; the doors are about to be breached! Please, anyone, send any help you can- we... I don’t wanna die! Not like this, not now! I beg you, hurry! -Sound File END-

terminal 2


Terminal Tag: 00058-AAB Location: Hallway C9 Username:___________________ Password:___________________ +Help (?) +Forgot Password

Terminal Tag: 00058-AAB Location: Hallway C9 Excellent work. I can finally send in some scavenger drones to rip this hull apart. Right after they’re done I’ll have our 1st battalion make planetfall and secure the beachhead. If anything does go wrong, which to be honest is quite likely, I might need your help again. Anyway. Go rest for now. Get some sleep and take a shower; I think your comrades will be more than bothered by the stench of the gore on your suit. Lysander out.