1: LEVEL 2

terminal 0



Why don't you wipe the drool from your face. You were probably having one of those dreams you use to tell me about. Sorry about the terminal being guarded. They must have already changed guard posts. We do not have a lot of time on this one. We have analyzed the data and found the location of The Slaveship Embargo. That is where you are located now. Your assignment is to free our enslaved comrades. The data that we analyzed on RebelBase shows that there are only eight left. The others have already been assimilated. I hope it's not too late for the rest. The ship is under a protective force field so I could not teleport you to the detention level. We do not have any layout of this ship. It must be new. If this is like Sectar's other ships, then look for weapons in hidden wall areas. You never know. Good news. Once you have reached our men, a tiny signal enhancer will trigger and we will be able to teleport them out. And now the bad news. Since you are wearing the special implanted Interceptor suite, the enhancer won't be able to pick up your signal. As you can see, no level of technology is perfect.

After freeing our men, work your way to the other end of the ship, step into this inhancer pod and I will bring you out. I wish that I could give you more information, but that's all I have.