2: Reverse Osmosis

terminal 0


Our progress has once again been impeded upon. We are getting aggravated. Quite. Our current obstacle is crossing a large bridge connecting this sector and the core sector. I can walk just fine. The door on the far end is locked. Figures. What must I do? We must locate the security key and place it back in its proper place to open the door. The key must be placed in a receptacle underneath the brige, in a submerged region. However, I do not know where the key is. There isn't some designated place to irresponsibly leave security keys? No. Guh. Undoubtedly some foolish technician brought it with him and left it in a washroom. We must find this key with haste. And murder said technician. This we must do. Go. After you replace the key, cross the bridge. From there you may proceed to the next sector.

terminal 1


The washroom in sector 9 has been flooded again. Once again, anyone who fails to turn off the washing systems when they are not finished will be punished to the maximum extent of the law. In the meantime, until the water buildup has been drained, we must lock down the washroom so that no other systems are damaged. Furthermore, the non-human intruder has yet to be stopped. It is vital that this enemy is exterminated. Our last report has found him in sector 9, attempting to cross the bridge to the core sector. This is NOT PERMITTED. All personnel in sector 9 are hereby ordered to cease their current action, locate arms, and attempt to take down the enemy. Failure to comply with the posted orders will result in the execution of Protocol 412, in regards to physical and social punishment of personnel and crew insubordination.

terminal 2


It appears that I have located the secret terminal for this scenario. Yes, so one would expect that we are to be rewarded. Quite. So where is my reward? Um... Maybe some unclear bits could be revealed so this isn't a total waste? What kind of secrets? We do not have much to hide. This is true. Maybe a word from our creator? He's out to lunch. The terminal script writer? On vacation at Tau Ceti. The guest level builders? They were found in a gutter. That's disgusting. What can we do? We could at least say 'thanks' to whomever is playing the scenario, and was capable enough of finding this hidden terminal. Thanks. That was convincing. I don't know who I'm talking to. Although, if this is Steve Levinson, try not using Forge to find secrets, you dirty hack. The other half of my conscious is just kidding. ANot exactly kidding. It's a light-hearted insult, perhaps. Call it that. And if anyone used Hex! or DTB to find this terminal, consider yourself... ...? Consider yourself ugly. The master of insults, you are. We have not been trained in human insults. Maybe you haven't. You have? There was this one time... I got really drunk... h no... what did you do with our body? Never mind, I'm getting hungry again. Tell me what you did! It's time for you to go! We hunger, hurry up, yadda yadda. I will find this out!