Marathon: Istoria

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Marathon: Istoria is an RPG scenario set in the Marathon universe and designed for the Aleph One engine. It pushes the engine to its limits by using advanced character progression, combat, and storytelling.

Customize your character by choosing your class and deciding which weapons you want to specialize in. Utilize the conventional weapons you are familiar with along with a brand new arsenal of spells and abilities. Explore Istoria while discovering its secrets and how you fit in the world through a combination of terminals and communicating with the recently deceased.

People that have played other Bungie games may recognize some influences from Pathways Into Darkness and Myth. A few sounds, the weapon leveling, level transitions with saved state, and ability to talk to the dead are ideas largely taken from PiD. People familiar with Myth may recognize a couple of the spells you get in the game.

Marathon: Istoria's main features:

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