1: The Weird Wide Web

terminal 0


CyndeeTerm™ Activated

Well, you're in one of the MCI transfer lines. Each corridor represents a line between seperate sites on the net. Search out the parts I've limited your mind's access to, and eradicate all of Shaman's virii. Be especially careful in the alt.flame newsfeed. Shaman thrives in environments like that.

Eradicate all the virii, and head for the alt.games.marathon newsfeed. Once there, we can look at the logs and possibly find out Shaman's IP. From there, it should be a simple Overload-Said-IP-And-Utterly-Destroy- The-AI mission. Hopefully.

Now go.

CindyTerm™ Off

terminal 1


CyndeeTerm™ Activated

Trash all of Shaman's Word 6s, Trojans, and other virii. Only then can I safely @net you to a large Usenet server.

FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Sorry. Couldn't resist.

CyndeeTerm™ Off


CyndeeTerm™ On

Hmm...looks like Shaman's posts are coming from someplace called zippo.com. Just to be save, we should destroy the entire site. For completeness's sake, of course...

Let's rock, roll and remember.

@tel activated