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Sideways Door Hack

Claude Errera — Apr 24, 1996

A really quick hack in response to a Usenet post asking about faking sidways doors in M2...

Faster! Faster! Kill! Kill! v1.0

Daniel Loebl — Apr 23, 1996

A two level arena...Carnage should be high. Don't look at the ceiling-it's a bit weird. (While you're trying to figure out why it bothers you, you'll get a grenade in your back...)

P Pfhunk

PatBoie — Apr 23, 1996

8 Maps. (Well, 7.) The first 5 are M2 ports of the Pfhunky Pfhive collection (and a pretty good job, although there's some nasty texture smearing on Motion Sickness), and the last two are new levels (one original, one yet another port of Waldo World). Snazzy lighting (like the first version).

Joel, Slayer of Trees v2.0

Damon Holmes — Apr 23, 1996

Almost all the bobs have been pulled, and a few secrets have been added. A much better map than the last version. Still works best with small groups...

Glitter Dome v1.0

Eric Jorgensen — Apr 23, 1996

Claustrophobic. One big room, a bunch of too-small ones... and lots of ways to blow yourself up. Jarring textures, as well... Should appeal to the Carnage Palace Deee-luxe crowd.

Izzy's Pizza v1.0

Richard Cowgill — Apr 23, 1996

A big central waterfilled room, with passages off it in various directions and at various heights. Because the main room is waterfilled, there isn't much sniping to do... most firefights seem to happen in the side passages (and there aren't really enough exits...)

All Too Easy v1.1

Damon Holmes — Apr 23, 1996

A nice wheel-like ring, but you can shoot through the inside wall of the outer ring across the center. Made for KOH, but be careful... the Hill is surrounded by polys that'll teleport you into a bob-crusher you can't escape from. One good grenade at someone standing on the hill is usually enough to knock them into the bob-crusher circle, if they don't start moving immediately. Update is no longer 68K-clean, but has some lighting updates.

Mineshaft v2.0

Ben Matasar — Apr 23, 1996

A little loop of a map, with a great mineshaft as one arm. Great place for ambushes! Update adds quite a bit to the mines... lots of places to hide, lots of stuff to find.


Laurent Stanevich — Apr 23, 1996

A very cool little arena which is more than it looks, due to some funky 5D stuff. Great flow, and it'll keep your group busy, even if you're small (we had fun with just two).

Marathon 2 Wall Extractor

Ambrose — Apr 22, 1996

Well, you might have to wait until Infinity comes out for an in situ editor, or one that can handle sprites, but this nifty little tool should help immensely in the meantime. It allows you to extract wall textures from M2 Shapes files, and save them in M1 format. You can then edit them with any of the Marathon 1 Shapes editors, and then reinsert them. I only did preliminary testing, and there are quite a few restrictions (read the docs), but it seems to do exactly what it say it'll do. Texture editors, go at it!

M2 Fodder Wall

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 22, 1996

A nice conversion of a Mike Neylon M1 map. Lighter than the original, I think... has an added water pit below the stairs, but I've found it's pretty hard to hit, at least from the top.

Minimum Wage

Kirill Levchenko — Apr 22, 1996

The film's a scream.

Inpfhorno v3.0

Dr. Mace — Apr 22, 1996

A slick little arena. Very slow on 040 machines, but pretty nonetheless. Sort of a glorified Thunderdome (okay, very glorified). Watch the lava...


Seth D. Kromholz — Apr 22, 1996

Thunderdome with a large pool in the center. I'm not sure if it still has a hill... The arrows in the side rooms are fun.

Are you Yeti to Rumble?

Ryan J. — Apr 22, 1996

A standard small arena, except for the Yeti room... they don't seem to attack, as long as you stay on the ledge. Also contains some pretty disorienting elevators (ever see a river jump?).

You Don't Need to See my ID

Dan Farmer — Apr 22, 1996

A pretty straightforward port of the M1 Bungie net level. It would have been nicer if the fighters had been mapped back to fighters, instead of left as ticks... they're pretty annoying.

The Towers 3

Stopher T — Apr 17, 1996

A pretty standard arena, with some pillars which can be used as vantage points. Really slow on 68K macs (probably because it's so open), and the lack of texture alignment is jarring.

Bik's Net Maps

biks — Apr 17, 1996

Well, they're nothing much to look at, but they play quite well. Heavy reliance on elevators. Some nice concept maps (Evilution contains randomly appearing walls, which can act as aid or hindrance, depending on how well you judged their reappearance frequency...).

Gladiators (m2)

David Gordon — Apr 17, 1996

Very simple map. (Comes in two versions-one for two-person net play, one for solo play.) Basically, it's very similar to Evan Vetere's Joust- each player tries to knock the other off his platform into the lava below. Solo version substitutes a trooper for your net opponent.

100% UESC Choice Carnage

brianv430 — Apr 17, 1996

Very dark arena, with a sniper ledge running around the top edge. Very nice flow-there are multiple ways to get to most spots.

It's Not Easy Being...Red?!

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 17, 1996

A port of Mike Neylon's It's Not Easy Being Green. M2 is a bit short on green textures, so this one's mostly red... a pretty nice job.

Full 'O' Bobs

Daire O' Neill — Apr 17, 1996

Two main rooms, one full of explodabobs, one mixed, plus a room full of rechargers and another with an extra pistol and some ammo. I guess the point is to see how long you can stay alive...

Moonlight Skirmish

HackdSabre — Apr 17, 1996

A pretty straightforward arena, with a small tower in the center. (It's not set up for KOH, but if it were, the hill would be pretty difficult to reach. There are other reasons to go up there, though...) Comes in two versions (with and without aliens), and with a physics model to make the aliens less nasty.

Vertigo Maps

Vertigo314 — Apr 17, 1996

9 maps. The two that were in the last iteration, and 6 more, plus a version of one of the originals with textures redone to be more lo-res compatible. Generally open, with lots of aliens.

Reservoir Dogs

Tom Phillips — Apr 17, 1996

This is a pretty fun map... lots of switches change the flow through various sections... some areas are only accessible via water, some become inaccessible until a switch gets flipped again. Nice water effects. .


Kjetil — Apr 17, 1996

Huge, and rambling. Random teleporters in hallways (check your map). Says it's a net map, but you'd need about 15 just to find each other...

NY Subway

Thomas Greenwald — Apr 17, 1996

Modeled after the Union Square IRT station in New York City, this is one of the better renditions of a real subway... requires Ignore Zero Divides on 68K macs. Not really new, just new to this site.

Bob Karnage V1.1

Christopher Meyer — Apr 17, 1996

Basically, a bunch of rooms set up to waste bobs in various ways. Whatever.

You're Going Down v1.1

Seth Kromholz — Apr 12, 1996

Made with the flow concepts of Bungie's What Goes Up in mind. Pretty nice flow. Contains a pretty superflous crusher (docs say it's for the player who likes to hide in small rooms and shoot people who come in (I guess like the spanker room in What Goes Up), but who'd go into it after the first time?). Update adds a bunch of new features (new stairwell, a window, some minor tweaks).

Ultra Series Elite Maps

NeelixBeta — Apr 12, 1996

10 maps, ranging from quite good to downright annoying. The first several have heavy emphasis on water. The last few are unplayable-we were getting framerates of less than 4/sec on ethernetted powermacs. With fewer aliens, less ammo, and less open space, they might be okay...

Quarrel Quarry

Chris Stetson — Apr 12, 1996

Very big, with two distinct sections. There's an outdoor arena with some connecting passages for multiple entry points, and an indoor set of corridors that give you lots of corners to hide behind. A bit slow on 68K machines...

Let Me Drown

Dave Steinhage — Apr 12, 1996

Interconnected passageways and a small pool with goodies in it. The door controls introduce some nice flow oddities. Comes with a physics model that allows bullets and grenades to penetrate water.

Constant Carnage

Tim O'Regan — Apr 09, 1996

This map just about maxes out object limits in Marathon, and because of this is horribly slow on anything but a powermac (and even then...) Otherwise, it's a pretty straightforward map with lots and lots and lots and lots of ammo and baddies and stuff.

Dragon's Maw

Von R. Glitschka — Apr 09, 1996

Inspired by Everyone's Mortal But Me. Look around for the invincibility...

Knee-Deep in S'pht 1.1

Mike Woodrow — Apr 09, 1996

The first two levels of a rather large scenario. (All the levels are there, but only the first two have polygons in them... well, the third has a pair so that you can teleport in, but...) Generally pretty difficult, but more for techical reasons than anything else. The central shaft on the first level (by which most intra-level travel occurs) is a bit tough to get the hang of. Once you've figured it out (and ignored the bad textures inside), it's pretty cool... and there's a nice trap on level two.

Bowling v1.1

Matthew Drance — Apr 09, 1996

Comes in two versions, one for solo play and one for net. The net version has a more interesting design, and is missing the gimmick that gives the solo version its name...


Kirill Levchenko — Apr 09, 1996

A straightforward arena with a few nice twists. The "hill" is a pretty dangerous place to be... This map was created because "there are very few maps with [the pfhor texture set], and even fewer good ones."High-quality.

The Once and Pfhuture King v1.0

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 07, 1996

This is easily the best KOH level I've ever seen. Wow, I don't think I've ever said anything like that before... Check it out. This map is good.

Photoshop CLUT Converter

Unknown — Apr 05, 1996

Converts Photoshop color tables to clut resources. Very handy for folks making 8-bit chapter screens...

M2 Suicide v15

Butch Massoni — Apr 05, 1996

3 maps (ports of the maps in Suicide 25). A good batch, but very open-really slow on slower machines.

Demolition v4.0

Randall Scott — Apr 05, 1996

9 maps. There are some really, really good ones here... the last three are a lot of fun. Emphasis is on vertical movement via silent, fast elevators. Lots of sniping positions-you'll need to experiment with teleporters to figure out what goes where. You're rarely safe, even on the larger levels...

Suicide v25

Butch Massoni — Apr 05, 1996

3 maps, all original. Spanish Magic Castle is a lot of fun, but watch folks who guard rechargers...

Transformers v3.0

Jonathan Westin — Apr 04, 1996

Designed to look like a ship from Transformers (a comic book). Very geometrical. Update really cleans things up. Textures are now aligned, baddies teleport in nicely, the recharger can be disabled. 68K macs will need Ignore Zero Divides to keep from crashing... Latest update adds a nice touch at the back of the Arc, fixes a few bugs (but not the 68K-crashing one), and allows access to all weapons.

Sex and Drugs

Unknown — Apr 04, 1996

A big series of rooms connected by teleporters. Feels like a normal level (actually plays pretty well, although it's way too big for anything less than 6 people), until you check out the map view...

Palace v2.0

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 04, 1996

A small, circular arena, a remake of a Kendall Redburn M1 map. It was a nice map to start with, and this version keeps the gameplay of the first one while upgrading the look.

Prison! 1.1

Jesse Snyder — Apr 04, 1996

A three-level solo scenario where the bobs are your enemies, and everything else (well, almost everything) is on your side. (Comes with a physics model to make it work.) Well-planned levels take advantage of situations where bobs are superior, fighting-wise... pretty difficult, even on Normal.

Bad Omen v1.3

Eric Jorgensen — Apr 04, 1996

Several small, interconnected rooms. Sniper positions tend to be below a level, rather than above... pretty fun. 1.1 update added quite a bit of new space (including an out-of-the-way arena), and changed the alien balance. 1.3 update aligns textures, adds lots of water, and seems to decrease total alien population. This is no longer a small map.

Cross Guard 2.0 v2.0

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 04, 1996

Another port of a Kendall Redburn M1 map. This one's square, with all flow in one direction (clockwise). Makes for dicey spanker shooting (you're often in narrow walkway spaces).

The 80 Monster Killer

David Gordon — Apr 02, 1996

You're in a central pit. In a raised walkway around you are 80 baddies (mostly explodabobs). Step on the central poly, and you close a crusher, starting a chain reaction that kills almost all the rest. A single fusion pistol and a single assault rifle (no extra ammo) let you finish whoever didn't get wasted in the first wave... Another map I just don't get.

The Daily Grind

Digital Hooligan — Apr 02, 1996

The primary feature of this map is the crusher. There are lots of them, and they're all user-operable. Makes a great way to kill your friends... (you won't get credit in the carnage report, but their death tally will still go up). Very nicely done, overall. Worth a look.

M'Netta Operation 2.5

Michael Nuceder — Apr 02, 1996

This puppy's BIG. Also dark, with winding, twisting passages, and many many levels on top of each other. And bright, with open, airy areas with nice views. (Did I mention it was big?) Don't bother using your map... it's nearly useless. Engrossing, but watch the traps-you'll have to start from your last save if you get caught... Update fixes a few things that are funny, adds baddies, aligns textures... It's also not bright anymore. (It's at night.)

Electric Bill v1.0

Joel Blecher — Apr 02, 1996

A long, dark rectangle with a lava pit in the middle.

The Deep End 1.2

Matt Kelley — Apr 02, 1996

Um, yeah... well, I guess you could play it networked... Basic design is a very narrow walkway running through PfhorSlime. One misstep, and you're toast... No way back up, no recharging, no weapons down below... it's kinda silly.

Pfhar Lap

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 02, 1996

A simple arena, with a couple of ledges around the outside. There are elevators to get you up, but they've got a hell of a delay... and you're pretty brightly lit. There's some nice goodies underneath, but to get them, you've got to run a sort of gauntlet. Works best with at least 3...

Why the Caged Bird SIngs

Home Fries Software — Apr 02, 1996

Lots and lots of baddies, and a wacked out ai who just got too tiresome to listen to after a while... Less ubiquitous use of the deaf/blind flag would make for a more interesting game.

Pfhilm Pfhixer v0.9b

Konrad Schafer — Mar 30, 1996

Another drag-n-drop film fixer. Makes all players on the same team, and changes the filename.

USIT v1.0

Joakim Magnus Taraldsen — Mar 29, 1996

A model of a piece of the author's work building in Norway. Mostly narrow passageways, and until you've played it for a while, weapons are VERY scarce (there aren't any out in the open).

Magnum Farce

Tony Smith — Mar 29, 1996

This guy keeps putting out great solo maps. He still doesn't use terminals, but maybe someday... (send him mail). A lava-based level, with plenty of Fire F'licktas to keep things from getting too slow. Really well laid-out-in fact, my only complaint is the reliance on fake walls. (In a couple of places, there are openings that look like the surrounding wall. One I only found by accident... I was backing away from a droid and found myself in a new room.) As always, he's got timing down-when it's time to take a lava bath, you've got enough time to get in and out, but if you miss the ledge the first time around...

Predator & Prey v1.1

Richard Stogran — Mar 29, 1996

Seriously dark atmosphere. Very well-done map. Quite large, with lots of secrets, and cool stuff. Nicely hidden recharger (always useable, but you can certainly fool your teammates the first time around...). Update makes recharger much harder to use, and fixes a bad texture.

Cool Death Arena II v1.1

Robert Jurek — Mar 29, 1996

Still a pair of arenas, but textures have been aligned, the water moves a bit, and other small tweaks have been performed. Update adds an invincibility.


Steve Fenton — Mar 29, 1996

An interesting combination of area styles. Players (mostly) start out in small rooms, but there are teleporters and secret doors to bring everyone together... the main areas are long, open hallways. There are a couple of nice touches (the explodabob pit is always good for killing the guy in front of you, and the textures behind the rechargers are cool). Looks like 4 or so for optimal play...

Film Edit v1.0

Kirill Levchenko — Mar 28, 1996

Drop films on this program, and you can change team, color, and player name of any entry.

M2 Suicide v14

Butch Massoni — Mar 28, 1996

4 levels, all orginal. Some very nice twists on KOH-type games... and one that wouldn't work with two people (it's called Eyes in the Back of Yer Head, and you wouldn't need 'em without a third person...). Carnage rating-very high.

Levitus Shapes Patch

Power Computing — Mar 28, 1996

So you can't handle a 5.5 meg download? And you have lots of RAM? Here's a patcher, made by UpdateMaker, that turns your standard Shapes file into the Levitus Shapes file, described above. It's less than 300k... but the bad news is, it requires almost 20 megs of RAM. (Virtual memory should count...) I'm still looking for a patcher that can handle dataforks, and doesn't require that both the old and new files be read into RAM before the patch can take place...

Gillo's Gambit

TOMMYMAC15 — Mar 28, 1996

A small arena, with lots of ways to die... There's always some fighting going on, wherever you are.

Quantum Reality

Frobozz007 — Mar 28, 1996

A huge, sprawling 5-D space level. Very easy to get lost, lots of narrow passageways. (You can use wall textures to help you navigate, until you run into that infrared powerup...)

Net as Good as Sex

HackdSabre — Mar 28, 1996

A small, simple arena with catwalks above sewage pits. The flamethrower takes a bit of flying to get. BTW sex is much better than sewage pits... but then I never met his wife!

Suicide v24

Butch Massoni — Mar 28, 1996

4 maps, M1 versions of the maps in M2 Suicide 14. These are just as fun as their M2 counterparts...


Jesse Snyder — Mar 28, 1996

6 Maps. A couple of these are big, but most can be played with small groups, so I classified it as Small. These are really good... They range from amusing (maps in the shape of people or fish) to addictive (Phort and Capture the Flag are great for team games). Very enjoyable.

Suicide v23

Butch Massoni — Mar 28, 1996

3 Maps. These work better (imo) as M2 maps, although they play faster, for some reason, as M1... The M2 version is called M2 Suicide 13.


Jonathan Mitchell — Mar 28, 1996

Looks like it was designed as a solo level, but it's so small, it would make a better net level. Really sharp edges, and one bad (but non-fatal) texture. Ammo placement leads me to believe it was designed to be played on Kindegarten.

Circular Death Tribute

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 27, 1996

An interesting remake of a great M1 level. This map won't play well on slower machines, but the original didn't either... great care has been taken to keep flow similar to the original, while making an interesting M2 map. Check it out!

Umbrellas Recommended...

Bill Cameron — Mar 25, 1996

A convoluted map, with teleporters everywhere, lots o' baddies (or just some, depending on which version of the map you play), and the Gallerie de Despayre, where nasties fall on you unremittingly from out of the sky. Rain of Pfhorror, with the excess baddies, is great for solo practice, and Drizzle of Pfhorror holds an acceptable number for net play. Been sitting in my inbox for way too long now...

Ready Pfhor Action V1.1

Tatsushi (Tat) Nakao — Mar 25, 1996

An interesting looking level... lots of elevations. Watch the landscape areas... they'll kill you in more than one way. (It's kind of satisfying to take out a Juggernaut that can't hurt you, though...) Update fixes a crashing bug.

House of Pain v2.0

oMaT — Mar 25, 1996

2 maps. Modifications to House of Pain. One water map, one lava map.

Tanz Mizery V1.0

Chris Dagsgaard — Mar 25, 1996

Huge open spaces, surrounded by smaller rooms and even smaller passageways.


Noah Schabacker — Mar 25, 1996

2 maps. Ports of Mike Neylon M1 maps-Subway Station and Absolut Marathon Revisited. Emphasis is on carnage.


BAGoRAMA — Mar 25, 1996

A small but flexible map. Most places have more than one entrance or exit, or are defendable. Your first order of business is to clear out the explodabobs, and then you can concentrate on wasting your buddies...

1,000 Ways to Die v1.1

Daniel Loebl — Mar 25, 1996

This map's a blast (literally). The only weapons (besides the pistol you carry) are the shotgun and the SPNKR. There are enough corners and ledges that you should be able to avoid getting blasted every ten seconds, but grabbing that SPNKR is a bit difficult, if someone's watching... Update fixes a freezing bug.

Net Jumping!

CruiseMan — Mar 25, 1996

A very cool concept. 6 existing net maps (7, if you count the one that's duplicated) are strung together with terminals. They're all small arenas (Pfhorever, Citadel of Antiquity, others of that type), and when one player accesses the terminal, all players jump to the next level, with all their weapons. This should keep you from getting bored with the scenery.

Pink & Blue Arena

BAGoRAMA — Mar 25, 1996

An interesting take on the Everyone's Mortal-type arena. Way too many bobs-this is only useful if you want to use this level as a practice gallery. Weapons are segregated (SPNKR on the hill, shotgun ammo in the back rooms, etc...).

M2 Pfhorno Lives!

Steve Weintraub — Mar 25, 1996

A port of a small M1 map. Tries to give a little of everything to the player-open areas, sniper ledges, narrow passageways... generally good flow.

DMMC Scenario Preview

Grag — Mar 20, 1996

One level of the upcoming scenario release from the DMMC. If the rest of the scenario lives up to the standard set here, this'll be a beautiful piece of work. This is really, really nicely balanced. Flow is great, alien placement is great, there are no horribly misaligned textures... This level, by itself, is a lot of fun to play. As level 7 of an 13-level scenario, it's tantalizing...

Chock Full 'O Shots (m2)

Richard Bushey — Mar 20, 1996

Huge. Lots of water, lots of open areas, lots of very, very narrow passageways... horrendously slow on a Q800 at minimal settings. Plan accordingly.


Laurent Stanevich — Mar 20, 1996

An open arena with waterfilled launch tubes. Now comes in two versions-one containing fisheyes and one without. (Who says feedback gets ignored?). It's a bit slow on non-powermacs, but it's still a blast of a level. The more, the merrier!

Platforms to Heaven

Steve Fenton — Mar 20, 1996

Three enclosed rings. All the good stuff is on the top one, but you start at the bottom...

M2 Suicide v13

Butch Massoni — Mar 20, 1996

Three levels, all quite a lot of fun. (Swiss Cheese, especially...)


Jack Coyle — Mar 20, 1996

Three maps. These weren't submitted-I snagged them off their web page. They're simple-they were designed to play well on a passive-matrix powerbook-but they're fun. And they're quite small. The readme is simply the text of the web page.

Lunar Fort

SeigfriedH — Mar 18, 1996

Short. Well built, but the baddies are too easy to kill... nice graphics.

For a Few Shotguns More

Daniel Loebl — Mar 18, 1996

A wide-open, weapons-out-the-wazoo level. I guarantee, you'll never run out of ammo. Flow is great... It's fast with two, but should support 8 without too much trouble.

Killing Fields v2.2

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 18, 1996

I'm not sure this belongs on this page, since it's a modification of an M1 map that was a modification of a Bungie map... this bears just about zero resemblance to the original (a piece of Try Again). However, it's here, so deal with it. This is a gorgeous rendition of one of our all-time favorite M1 netmaps. (I didn't make it, I just like it.) It was originally released in an early Suicide collection, and this version has had a few changes made to the layout based on the author's net experiences with it. Update fixes a small bug that only bit people who played with dropped weapons on.


BioHazard Maps — Mar 18, 1996

A couple of overlapping loops. Gets old quickly...

Columned Fun

Bill Irwin jr. — Mar 18, 1996

Huge, with lots and lots of baddies. More designed as a practice level, but It could, in theory, be used as a net level as well.

Buckum's Maps

CnF — Mar 18, 1996

A pair of maps. One's quite big, the other just seems it. Decent flow, and a few tricks...

Shoot Me Quick!

Steve Fenton — Mar 18, 1996

A simple arena, with pillboxes connected by secret passages around the outside. The only weapons are pistols, but it comes with a physics model that makes this fact irrelevant.


Ingvar Hreinsson — Mar 18, 1996

An arena with a few secret rooms. The water in the center does cool things... careful of the rising platform, though.

Ashes in your Mouth

Eric Jorgensen — Mar 18, 1996

An arena with a pit. There's an elevator to get out of the pit, but it gets harder to hit after it's been hit once... Comes in two versions, of varying complexity. (One works better on 040's.)

I Hate Crossword Puzzles

Damon Holmes — Mar 18, 1996

Designed to look like-yep, you guessed it-a crossword puzzle. From the included films, it seems to work okay, flowwise.

"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place"

Kirill Levchenko — Mar 18, 1996

An attempt to make the perfect net level. Very nice attention to detail (great lighting!), and very good flow. It certainly is a good example of the arena genre...

Space Tower

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 18, 1996

A really tall tower, a ring around the bottom, and all the good stuff between the two. Lots of fun if you like flying, frustrating as hell if you don't.

If English is Good Enough for Jesus...

Brian Ridge — Mar 18, 1996

Large. Very similar, in some ways, to Give Him Two (above). This one has much more fun with water, though...

Can You Fly, Bobby? v1.1

Damon Holmes — Mar 18, 1996

A simple arena with a bunch of teleporters. Be in the right place, and you can take 'em out as they 'port in... Update cleans up some stuff, adds a few tweaks.

Pfhornication v4.0

Steve Weintraub — Mar 18, 1996

A very nice port of a good M1 level. Water is used quite well here. If you've played Pfhorno before, you'll like this version. If you've never seen it, you're in for a treat.

Grenade Jumping FAQ v1.1

Uknown — Mar 14, 1996

Contains a tutorial, faq, walkthrough, and six films with a practice map, all designed to get you grenade for folks who want to cheat.

2 Dollar Tour of Hell

JPMelrose1 — Mar 13, 1996

3 solo levels, not a full scenario (the levels aren't linked together), and still in alpha phase (according to the author). Guess he never got around to finishing it...

Acid Jazz v12 v12.0

Zach Norwood — Mar 11, 1996

A gorgeous, sprawling level that had 10 releases in 36 hours (mostly little tweaks). This one needs lots of people... but worth a look even if your net group is small. More little tweaks...

"Pure of Heart, Brown of Trousers"

Tony Smith — Mar 11, 1996

Another totally engrossing map from Tony Smith (Dad, Get Me Out of This and Rescue Bob!). Still no terms, but now he knows about Hex. There's one platform that'll take a bit of work to get on...

StormBull's Maps

Toby Kimball — Mar 11, 1996

5 maps. 3 M1 conversions (maps they liked), and two originals.The conversions are quite well done. The originals rely pretty heavily on teleporters...


Ballistic2 — Mar 11, 1996

2 levels. The AI's kind of fun, but the levels are a bit linear-even the maze parts.

Malum Locum

Richard Stogran — Mar 11, 1996

A very large level. Doors don't look like doors...

Drop Zone

Wim Koornneef — Mar 11, 1996

Just a kill-everything-that-moves map... again, a good stress reliever.

ArenaFest v1.0

Duncan Willson — Mar 11, 1996

Three maps. Pretty nice arenas... a few small bugs (smearing in a couple of places), but nothing serious. The third arena has really nice flow.

Kick Ass!

Wim Koornneef — Mar 11, 1996

Another no-plot stress reliever.

"Give him two, he thinks he's God"

Brian Ridge — Mar 11, 1996

Pistols only, and lots of windows to shoot through. Lots of window ledges to hide behind...

Crown of Worms v1.0

Eric Jorgensen — Mar 11, 1996

A straightforward conversion of an M1 arena.

Netmap v1.0

Tim Wagner — Mar 11, 1996

A pretty simple arena. The sewage channels are deeper than they look.

King of the Pit

Rupert — Mar 11, 1996

A large map, designed for (a pretty nasty) KOH game. The hill is a small, deep pit... Once you commit, you're in there until someone kills you. Pretty cool recharger... (it's not in the pit.)


David Gordon — Mar 11, 1996

Just what it sounds like. Go outside... lots of secrets out there. Watch the traps, though...

Feel The Burn v2

Nate Hawkinson — Mar 11, 1996

A flamethrower level. For those who like the flamethrower (obviously). The best part of this is opening it up in Pfhorte. Has the most unjustifiably pompous (bar none) readme I've ever seen.

Return To Mars 1.0.1

Dave Turner — Mar 07, 1996

Dave Turner, creator of the Rocket Trooper patch and co-creator of M1's Hutch, has recreated Mars Needs Women for M2. This isn't just a remake of the map... this is a remake of the level, textures and all! There are a couple of twists, but generally, this is very close to the original. See how this map really feels in M2 clothing! Also comes with a document explaining how the textures were imported, detailed enough to repeat with your own project. Now a very reasonable size, thanks to the Wall Extractor.You can read about how Dave did it in his document on the subject.

The Labyrinth

Tim Humphrey — Mar 07, 1996

6 levels (5 plus a network level). Insane numbers of baddies, but generally a pretty nice layout. lots of ammo... and you can start on most levels, because the creator was nice enough to add extra weapons as you go along. If you're playing on a 68K machine, be careful in the big outdoor area in the vacuum level... you might want to use Ignore Zero Divides to avoid a crash from certain views

36th Chamber

Brian Ridge — Mar 06, 1996

Larger than 7th Chamber, with lava that seems to be just for show... but it looks nice. Update tweaks lighting, and adds a couple of nice features.

Noah's Ark

D. Aguero — Mar 06, 1996

A complete overhaul of the Alien Shapes 3.0 package. The artwork is very, very impressive... It's now packaged as a full scenario. 7 level solo map (a little buggy, but nothing critical anymore), new sounds, a physics model, and 4.5 megs of new shapes... the ambience of these levels is incredible. The new textures add tremendously to the feeling of claustrophobia... play this with headphones cranked, or plug your mac into your stereo system and turn it up! Don't get lulled by the cakewalk-like feeling of the first couple of levels... you'll pay for it if you don't stay alert. This one gets three thumbs up (I found an extra on level 3...).

5D Arena

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 06, 1996

A very subtle use of 5D (it's pretty easy to miss that you're actually in it). A small central pit with tiered hallways around it... the good stuff's pretty exposed, so be careful.

Mara Carte v1.0

Tatsushi Nakao — Mar 06, 1996

Kinda reminds me of Carnage Palace Deeluxe, only with more to do. A bit dark, but a pretty fun little level.

Sight Patch v1.1.1

Stefan Joos/Stefan Berner — Mar 03, 1996

Adds sights for all weapons (nice ones, too), and now works in full-screen mode. This version adds support for PCI macs.

Five Alive

Derik Copus — Mar 03, 1996

A pretty mazelike wheel, with what looks to be a truly deadly hill... check out the lava paths, it's worth your while.

House of Water

Eric Hoffman — Mar 03, 1996

The trench around the arena in House of Pain has been filled with water.

DC Arena

Derik Copus — Mar 03, 1996

A big arena with a recharger (not too safe) and entrance rooms for four players.

Pfhorte 1.0d26 FAT

Steve Israelson — Mar 03, 1996

The last version of the M1 version of Pfhorte. This one allows up to 36 textures per set... Thanks a million, Steve! Guides and other helpful documents can be found in the Instructions/Guides category.

Where the Twist Flops

Eric Hoffman — Mar 03, 1996

Again, Bungie's level cut down to net-playable size. Lots of nooks and crannies... just like the original. Only this time, it's your friends you need to worry about, not hunters...

My Own Private Thermopylae

Eric Hoffman — Mar 03, 1996

Bungie's level, hacked down to playable net size. Still pretty big... my guess is 4 would feel lonely.


Derik Copus — Mar 03, 1996

A waldo-like arena with tons of compys and fighters. Good for solo, or for coop play.

Torture Chamber

Richard Stogran — Mar 01, 1996

Big, open spaces, and a small maze. Two crushers, mostly just for fun. (Don't watch 'em too long, your friends will waste you.)

M2 M1-Network Maps

Patrick Gray — Mar 01, 1996

A collection of the author's favorite M1 modifications (all of the enclosed levels can be gotten individually off this page, except one-the enclosed Mars Needs Women has been modified furthur).

Inside Out

Tom Phillips — Mar 01, 1996

A small arena, with a passageway around it, and some nice transfer between the two.

Kill your Television

Eric Hoffman — Mar 01, 1996

A few tweaks to the first room of that level, but basically it's just a big, open arena with the sniper level far, far away from the pit.


John Hopper — Mar 01, 1996

A nice little level with a claustrophobic feel and a few nasty surprises...

Semantic Spaces v1.2

Zach Norwood — Mar 01, 1996

Sort of like Everyone's Mortal But Me, with a twist. Designed for King of the Hill, and would probably be pretty boring in any other mode (only one guy can get kills...). Check it out! A few more tweaks here...

Another Arena 2.1 v2.1

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 01, 1996

A port of an M1 arena (by someone other than the original author). Still has great flow. All aliens have been removed. Update tweaks lighting (for the better), makes the hidden flamethrower available again.

Billy v2.0

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 01, 1996

A loving remake of one of the best M1 maps of all time. This is really nicely done, and maintains the feel of the original, while nicely updating it to take advantage of the M2 engine.

HunterPrey v2.1

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 01, 1996

A port of an M1 map (by someone other than the original author). Two levels, bottom level has pistols, top level has spankers. This version modified to give pistol folks a few free shots. Update adjusts placement of ammo to keep from blocking the view, and a couple of other tweaks.

King of the Island v1.4

Tatsushi Nakao — Mar 01, 1996

A pretty cool little arena using some of the water tricks first seen in Banzai!. Very nice flow, at least for small net games (not enough machines to test for large ones...).


BioHazard Maps — Mar 01, 1996

A very simple map, designwise, but it plays beautifully. Watch those nasty invisible compys, though...

Holzp's Trimaps

Thomas Leen — Feb 26, 1996

3 large, geometric maps. (The third one uses a Marathon texture.) Lots and lots and lots of baddies...

Logan's Maps

Lansing Pugh — Feb 26, 1996

2 Levels. Pretty well-done maps... One is a very nice rendition of Mike Neylon's "The Pit". (Doesn't look anything like the original, but that's what the readme says...) The other map is a model of the creator's house.

Durandal Object Placement Editor 1.20

Unknown — Feb 26, 1996

Does for M2 what the OPE did for M1. Allows simple placement of objects (including baddies and bobs) on any level. Add nasties to Bungie's net levels, so you can play them solo! This version adds a much faster searching algorithm and the Marathon 2 default set.

Demolition v1.0

Randall Scott — Feb 26, 1996

If these maps remind you of the Suicide series, it's because the creator of that series got the three Demolition collections started. All three of these collections have 10 maps in them. Most in this set are modified M1 Bungie maps (very much in the spirit of the first few Suicide maps, only with better texture alignment. Great flow, more weapons and ammo than you can ever use, no aliens. Very nice.

Demolition v3.0

Randall Scott — Feb 26, 1996

The third of 3 nepacks (10 levels each). This one's mostly original. Inspired by the Suicide series, these maps have the same play feeling, but more attention has been paid to details. Very nice maps.

Alien V1.1

joshstr — Feb 26, 1996

Designed with the now-defunct Aliens Marathon project in mind, this map works quite nicely with the recently uploaded Aliens Shapes 3.0 package from the combo page. Dark, and well planned. This update has 3 complete levels, and the beginnings of the last.

Demolition v2.0

Randall Scott — Feb 26, 1996

10 more levels, in the same vein as Demolition 1... Get these and maximize your carnage!

Water World

Brandon King — Feb 26, 1996

Very large, very open, very blue. Readme says almost all weapons are available, but frequencies mus be set very low-I never saw any.

McSlink's Net Maps

Unknown — Feb 26, 1996

9 levels (in 6 maps). Generally very good flow, good object placement, lousy texture alignment. Two (heavily) modified Bungie levels.

Red Sector A

Eric Hoffman — Feb 24, 1996

Visually very appealing. As far as I can tell, the pistons are for show only (there's no reason to risk getting on them...). Nice little secret alcoves.

The Kanjah Crisis 2.0

Colin James — Feb 24, 1996

A pretty well thought-out level. There are a few annoying glitches, but nothing fatal (even on a 68K mac). A lot of running back and forth...


Mike Neylon — Feb 24, 1996

Another Mike Neylon port of a very good M1 map... I love the new textures!

Warlord v1.2

Tarl Roger Kudrick — Feb 24, 1996

A very nice 4-level scenario. Emphasis is on puzzle-solving, although there should be plenty of carnage... Some very cool new ideas here. Update fixes a few minor bugs, and majorly changes one level.

Do or Die

Ryan Jackson — Feb 24, 1996

An interesting little arena, differing from many KOH arenas by the fact that it doesn't favor the person on the hill...

Rescue Bob!

Tony Smith — Feb 24, 1996

An amazingly engaging map-I found myself saying "Okay, just one more try" at least 15 times. Quite difficult, but satisfying to finish. Would benefit a lot from terms

Planet X

Shaun Groves — Feb 24, 1996

A KOH level. Has a pretty nice secret ammo stash... see if you can find it. (No, scratch that-it's pretty easy to find. See if you can access it before someone wastes you.)

M2 Suicide v11

Butch Massoni — Feb 24, 1996

7 maps, all original modifications of M2 Solo bungie levels. These are almost all great. (A couple are too big for serious carnage...)

Where am I?

Rupert — Feb 24, 1996

This one looked interesting, but I got freezing crashes twice during testing, and gave up.

M2 Suicide v12

Butch Massoni — Feb 24, 1996

5 maps, all conversions of M1 suicides. We hit 12 dpm in a two-player game on Neither High nor Low...


Russel Fleming — Feb 24, 1996

Based on level 2 of SuperMario Kart (whatever that is...). Pretty simple map, just straight corridors to dodge in.


Shaun Groves — Feb 24, 1996

Contains a pretty cool use of current. No readme.

Happy Pfhunball

Shaun Groves — Feb 24, 1996

The hill's not where it seems to be... No readme. Do not taunt happy pfhunball!

On A TopS

Chris Santana — Feb 24, 1996

A pretty map with lots of ways in and out of most areas. Good for surprising folks...

Pfhorty Two

kimble — Feb 24, 1996

A fun level with a few good secrets. You can really surprise your playing mates if you find the good teleporters (and the flamethrower). Watch the big guy at the beginning...


Daniel Loebl — Feb 24, 1996

A windy, creepy little level... lots of places to pop up in someone's way, guns blazing. Watch your back.

M2 Dark Side

Mike Neylon — Feb 24, 1996

Mike Neylon's port of his popular Light and Dark Side of the Moon. Very pretty, but the dark side isn't really dark enough.

Hit the Switch

Wim Koornneef — Feb 24, 1996

Big, lots of baddies, no ammo or weapons. (After about 4 minutes of running around, I had collected exactly one shotgun shell and no weapons.)

Achille's Hills

Shaun Groves — Feb 24, 1996

A windy, twisty map with lots of places to get lost. Good for KOH. No readme.


Martin Grider — Feb 24, 1996

Based on a literary passage that describes a city with a lake beneath it that doesn't go beyond the city's borders. Well done, but can be confusing figuring out where you are.

M2 Rising Sun

Mike Neylon — Feb 24, 1996

Another Mike Neylon M1 port. I like the textures better than the original...

Abuse Me!

Eric Hoffman — Feb 24, 1996

A nice little arena, with a couple of good sniper positions (one's *really* hard to get to), set up for King of the Hill (or just plain carnage).

Term Installer 2.1

Kirill Levchenko — Feb 19, 1996

This is of use only to scenario makers. You can use it to make an installer that will install shapes, sounds, terms, STR# resources, splash screens, chapter picts, film resources, and custom icons, all in one swell foop. Horrendously useful... If you're making a big scenario, this will save you (and your users) more time than you want to calculate.

Marathon: The Spank(ter)ing

Derik Copus — Feb 19, 1996

2 Maps. (One's actually pretty small...) The first one's pretty cool-stop anywhere on a water texture and teleport. Good for avoiding missile attacks. The second one's a bit confusing...multilevel, with a *very* fast elevator.

Land of the Small 1.1

Stephen Ritchie — Feb 19, 1996

A major update on a very early M2 map. The readme is actually included in a comm term... The biggest problem with this map is the lack of trigger polys. (I was able to run all the way through it at Normal without ever shooting anything-only about half the baddies even woke up when I came near.) Fire a shot, though... and you'll find out how hard mini-fire F'lickta can be!

Devil's Island vb1

Eric Jorgensen — Feb 19, 1996

2 maps, sort of variations on a theme. Simple arenas, but with ledges and dropoffs that provide cover. Pretty nice for small groups... Upgrade adds an online readme (it's in a (bunch of?) terms), and a few other tweaks. Poetry during netplay... a new concept.

Pfhortresses v1.0

Martin Grider — Feb 19, 1996

2 maps. Both variants of capture the flag... designed with two teams in mind, there are two fortresses in each map, and two skulls. Grab a skull, hide it and stock up, and let the searching begin!

Hop This!

John Hazen — Feb 19, 1996

A King of the Hill map designed around the concept of missile jumping. (It's not totally necessary, but it will give you an advantage...) The hill is overlooked by a couple of shelves that make nice sniper ledges...

Frank Will Die... v1.1

Mike Holder — Feb 17, 1996

A large net map that has all types of net play offered. Lighted square arena, with some secrets. A dark screen arena, you control the lights with some secrets and a square media filled arena with some secrets. This map contains alot of frills and is basically just a wide open shoot em up. Lot's of room for manuvering and some tricks to help you out. Ammo is plentiful, but with 5 to 8 players it would probably get thin...Everything can be found on this map from dark sniper posts to hidden napalm!! An update of a previous map..This version adds some tweaks and their are hidden areas...I found them without Forge, so take your time and you should have no trouble...

Black Market Carnage

Stephen Ritchie — Feb 16, 1996

This one sets the standard for what a good solo level should be. From the opening effects to the final battle with troopers and droids, this map keeps the adrenaline flowing. If you're like me, there will be several battles you'll need to repeat, with different tactics, in order to finish. This one's not boring, not repetitive, not derivative. Play it, you'll like it.

Will U Spank Me, Daddy?

Tim O'Regan — Feb 15, 1996

A simple map with tons o' bobs and tons o' spankers... bad combination if you don't like killing innocent bobs...

Save Yourself... Kill Them All 2.0

Michael Nuceder — Feb 15, 1996

A fun romp through a bunch of rooms... a couple of secret ammo dumps to find, and basically just a lot of carnage to keep you busy for a while. Update adds a couple of terms, courtesy of Hex!

M2 Suicide v8

Butch Massoni — Feb 15, 1996

5 more. Somehow these slipped through... it's a great set, though, so I'm glad they finally made it out.

"Dad, Get Me Out Of This!"

Tony Smith — Feb 14, 1996

A really nicely designed level. No fancy lighting effects, but you'll be too busy staying alive to really notice... Documentation says Ignore Zero Divides is necessary for 68K users, but the map worked fine on my Q800. Crashed for the developer on an fpu-less 040, though...

Mr. Map

Samuel McCallum — Feb 14, 1996

Two very simple arenas. (Actually, one has enough angles to get you killed fast with any concussive weapon...) Good for very small games.


Kirill Levchenko — Feb 14, 1996

This is in the same vein as 20 Minutes of Hell, for you M1 solo players. No plot (well, there is background in the readme, but it's mostly just window-dressing) - the point is to kill and stay alive as long as possible. A good stress-burner.

M2 Suicide v9

Butch Massoni — Feb 14, 1996

5 more, all M1 original ports. Watch your back!

PfhorSquare Tower

Martin Grider — Feb 14, 1996

Big, and geometrical. Lots of nooks and crannies... play it once before you get your friends together for a net game-it's in your interest to understand the switches before you begin.

Thread the Needle

Chad Whipkey — Feb 14, 1996

Very small, very dangerous. (Very similar to a couple of Suicide maps...) Don't get stuck at the bottom!

M2 Suicide v10

Butch Massoni — Feb 14, 1996

Six maps, conversions of Bungie solo levels (hacked to be small). A couple have really nice starting positions...

7th Chamber

Brian Ridge — Feb 14, 1996

A simple arena with pretty nice flow.

Denver International Airport

Ed Hirsch — Feb 14, 1996

Gets its name from the baggage conveyor around the outside... pretty nice for target practice. (On your friends, of course.)

Four Leaf Clover

Chad Whipkey — Feb 14, 1996

A simple arena with some funky lights. Cool looking stairs.

DMMC Archive v9

Durandal Mapmakers Club — Feb 12, 1996

10 levels. A couple of fun solo ones, but the net ones are pretty uninspired.

Cake and Friends

Martin Grider — Feb 12, 1996

4 maps. A couple of these are built like layer cakes (hence the name). The best one, Soggy Layer Cake, has a bizarre bug that causes it to crash ONLY Powermacs. (I've never seen this before.) It runs fine on 68K machines, though...

Don't Fall In!

Wim Koornneef — Feb 12, 1996

Has a few bugs (telepost bugs, weird textures, that sort of thing). Basically a run-around-and shoot-stuff map.

Beware of the Treata Nons!

Damon Holmes — Feb 12, 1996

A very simple map. Just a square with a waterfall loop and a teleporter...

Free Fall

Kirill Levchenko — Feb 06, 1996

A pretty nice level with a mission. Get the repair chips... No terms, but a couple of very nice perks. Up to Bach's high-quality standard for solo maps... Cool beginning, nasty ending. (You'll see.)

M2 Suicide v7

Butch Massoni — Feb 06, 1996

Again, 5 converted M1 Suicides. Couple of killers here... Peekaboo really benefits from the ambient sounds, compared to the M1 version.

Alchemist 1.0b3

Michael Hanson — Feb 06, 1996

Michael Hanson's Physics Model editor for Marathon 2. Make flying bobs, or flame-shooting pfhor, or... whatever you feel like. Update fixes lots of bugs, adds a couple of features (customizable lists!).

DMMC Archive v7

Durandal Mapmakers Club — Feb 06, 1996

11 maps. Not my style at all... well, the last four maps are okay. (The last two are actually pretty fun solo.)

Waldo World Arena B v1.4

Peer Schmitz — Feb 06, 1996

I only call it this because it's the second conversion of Waldo World to be uploaded... I actually like this one better. GREAT use of background texture in the dead-end room! Update adds loads of nice features. This one is a real improvement on the original Waldo World... a great net map. If you like this map, check out theWaldo World Collaborative Project!

Mutual Satisfaction (m2)

Ben Matasar — Feb 06, 1996

A hellish tiny arena. My advice: get down, get a weapon, and get up as fast as you can. Otherwise, you're gonna be in a world of hurt.


Brian Bell — Feb 06, 1996

I don't think I get this one. Narrow passageways, with lots of bobs, and small sewage pits filled with F'lickta. These would be dangerous, if not for the fact that you never need to get deep enough for them to bother you... Oh, well. Good for a bob shoot, anyway.

M2 Suicide v6

Butch Massoni — Feb 06, 1996

5 more... a mix. Launching Pad is great, but really slow on slower macs... and there's a map here that reminds me how much that Alien textureset hurts my eyes.

Osterizer's Net Maps

Tony Mantler — Feb 06, 1996

Three maps. Chess is pretty unique... and Guerrillas in the Mist has a couple of very nice secrets.

Be My Shotgun Messiah

Tim O'Regan — Feb 06, 1996

A simple arena, with lots and lots and lots of shotguns, lots of blue pfhor, and one spanker. Great as a practice arena, too (there are never fewer than 4 blues alive at any point).

Marathon 2 Film Handling Patcher

Naoki Yokoyama (nao) — Feb 05, 1996

Does just what the Film Patcher does, but by patching your Marathon app instead. Get this one if you watch a lot of films-you won't have to edit each one.

Marathon 2 Film Patcher

Naoki Yokoyama (nao) — Feb 05, 1996

Will allow you to post-patch films to put everyone on the same team, so that you can watch from any point of view. Pick the shirt color, too...

Marathon 2 Film Patcher (batch)

Naoki Yokoyama (nao) — Feb 05, 1996

Does just what the Film Patcher does, but gives you fewer options and allows batch conversions.

Banzai! v2

Ben Matasar — Feb 03, 1996

The most innovative use of current I've seen yet. Aptly named (and spelled right, now). A really, really cool small map. Check it out! (You might need the map view to figure out what's going on, if you're facing the wrong way...) Update adds a few tweaks. Send films to the author. Do it.

All Roads Lead to Waldo World

Will Craig — Feb 03, 1996

Yet another Waldo port... this one uses the pfhor textures, and entrance to the side rooms is via teleporter instead of a door (makes it pretty hard to back out...).

JC Net Collection v1.1

Jeremy Condit — Feb 03, 1996

Jeremy Condit's net maps (4 of 'em), converted from M1 and enhanced. These were great levels for M1 (usually with some sort of unusual twist), and he's really improved the feel of them for M2. Stop the Press!, for example, doesn't feel so claustrophobic anymore, now that the outer ring is outdoors... These are all worth a look. And read the readme... there's quite a bit of useful information there. Update fixes a bug, and adjusts ammo...

CA Maps

Chris Ashton — Feb 03, 1996

3 maps. Nice concepts. Two require teams to be much fun... but the teams can be as small as one person each. These are well-designed, and worth the download.

M2 Suicide v5

Butch Massoni — Feb 03, 1996

5 more converted M1 suicides. The texture choices are getting much better. Mountains o' carnage...

Recharge It! Pfhor Get It!

Kent Rich — Feb 03, 1996

Very geometrical, seems to take a lot of inspiration from Bungie M1 maps (I was reminded of What Goes Up, and Bob-B-Q, for example). Great flow, and the single 1x recharger provides just enough temptation to get your buddies blown away.

Beyond Thunderdome

Steven Osugi — Feb 03, 1996

The author says this was designed as a solo practice level, and it has no lighting effects. I'd say it's a pretty nicely designed level, quite big (4+ players), and its only real shortcoming is the abundance of open space (making it very slow on 68K machines). Lots of goodies, though...

Absolut M2

Kirill Levchenko — Feb 03, 1996

A port of the M1 Absolut map. This one might actually work as a net level, though... it's full of water.

Gatling Gun

Chris Ashton — Feb 02, 1996

Modifies your assault rifle to look, act, and sound like a Gatling Gun. Very,very slick. Check it out!


Chris Ashton — Feb 01, 1996

Turns fighters into nasties from the movie Aliens. Pretty high quality, but something about the arms bothers me...

M2 Suicide v4

Butch Massoni — Jan 30, 1996

5 more. Kill everyone quickly. Or die. Whichever... carnage will be high either way.

Arena of Death v2.2

NeoN — Jan 30, 1996

Crashes 040's hard, but it's pretty playable on powermacs. Much nicer than its M1 counterpart, IMHO. Update cleans some stuff up. Latest version actually lets you out of the death trap.

Head Pfhor The Sewers v1.1

NeoN — Jan 30, 1996

A nicely proportioned outdoor arena. Far better than Thunderdome for King of the Hill... Update adds some niceties.

Damian's Hills

Damian Griffin — Jan 30, 1996

2 maps. The first is a pretty cool King of the Hill candidate. The second will piss you off if you can't walk a tightrope...

Send In the Bobs

Jamie Osborne — Jan 30, 1996

A straightforward KOH map, with some nasty penalties for the king...

Rage'n N'Tool'n

Richard Bushey — Jan 29, 1996

Large, with lots of ledges, and lots of underwater stuff... a few cool secret places. This needs a lot of people.

Death Awaits You All!

Ben Matasar — Jan 29, 1996

An arena with a ring around the outside. The central pit can be filled by the use of switches.

Le Chasse (The Hunt)

Richard Bushey — Jan 29, 1996

A very large, very pretty, very nastily-designed water level. All ammo is on dry land. Almost all dry land has shallows next to it, making it very hard to get up... but that doesn't stop the Flick'ta underwater from whaling on you...

Stick Around

Shaun Shakib — Jan 29, 1996

An update to Pit of Despair. 2 maps. Pit of Despair has been improved to actually live up to its name. The second map, Stranded, is a variation on the same map, but with an entirely different feel... a central tower (perfect for King of the Hill) can be isolated via switches from the outer ring. Looks like this one would be great for teams.

DMMC Archive v6

Durandal Mapmakers Club — Jan 29, 1996

4 maps. Nothing spectacular, but Dodgegrenade is a pretty fun play on a kid's game...

The Crush of Love

Kenneth Schalk — Jan 29, 1996

All the weapons are locked away in very dangerous rooms...

Fortress of Solitude v1.1

Rob Steel — Jan 29, 1996

An open arena with a tower in the center, and a spiral path around the outside to reach it. This version fixes the zero length line bug the original had.

Sniping on Snipers

Brian Blovett — Jan 29, 1996

When I first tried this, I hated it. After about 3 minutes, though... this is a pretty decent map. Well laid out in terms of ammo/weapons vs. open space... there's no free lunch here. You want stuff, you got to take chances.

Pfhinale v1.0

Randy Reddig — Jan 29, 1996

This is another rf reddig map, released many months ago in an almost finished state. I finished it. Enjoy. This is what a small arena should be.

Devil in a Blue Dress 1.5

Marathon Map Makers' Guild — Jan 26, 1996

The first release of the Marathon Mapmakers Guild, Devil contains 20 levels, along with cool original art, an entirely new storyline, and some nice twists. This version is intended only for folks who haven't played Devil yet. It fixes or works around all known bugs, and beefs up the documentation a little. This is the final release of Devil.

M2 Suicide v3

Butch Massoni — Jan 25, 1996

5 maps, again... all great maps (some of the best of the M1s), but again, the textures will hurt your eyes. (They're still fun, though...we hit 12 dpm again on a 2 player game on Cylinder...)

M2 Suicide v2

Butch Massoni — Jan 25, 1996

5 maps, again all converted M1 suicides. Some good maps, but pretty nasty texture choices...

Mara Macros 1.2

Tim Swihart — Jan 24, 1996

These are really, really cool if you're into cheating. They're MacsBug macros that allow you to give yourself unlimited health, ammo, weapons, oxygen... all from within M2, without needing to edit a saved game. (Ever wanted to waste those first 8 bobs with a spanker blast? Now you can!) Comes in two flavors, 68K and PPC. The 68K ones are a piece of cake to install-create the proper folder (if it doesn't already exist), drop in the macros, and reboot. The PPC version actually requires a bit of work, but there are step-by-step, very explicit instructions to guide you. If you're not afraid of your debugger, these are wonderful. (Requires MacsBug, available at various Apple ftp sites.)

Cosmic v2.0

Ben Matasar — Jan 24, 1996

Small, simple, very nice flow for small groups. Getting onto the upper ledges from the water takes timing... This update decreases that timing need (and changes a few textures).

Splattering Fun V1.5

Jason Carter — Jan 23, 1996

5 levels. No plot whatsoever-just kill everything you see. (You don't need to-the level teleporters work whether everything's dead or not.) Lots of crushers, lots of exploding bobs... took about 7 minutes on Normal to finish. (And that's because I was hunting for secrets.) Good for clearing the mind...

Barrel of Monkeys

Daniel Loebl — Jan 23, 1996

O??ptlevel arena. Light plays a pretty key role here... and there are secrets to be found, if your playmates don't kill you first... It's on the small maps page because it's all pretty much in one room, but it can easily support more than four players.

Devil's Slide V1.0

Paul Vella — Jan 23, 1996

A nice canyon map, where you and some marines need to wipe out the alien intruders. No terms, just carnage... This map requires both the Canyonlands and Dogs of Pfhor patches to work.

M2 Suicide v1

Butch Massoni — Jan 22, 1996

The Suicide Maps are moving to M2... here's the first 5. Get ready for mass carnage!

You're in Hot Water!

Richard Bushey — Jan 22, 1996

Really, really tight on weapons, and the depth is that annoying one where you're half in, half out, with the screen jumping every second...

Octagon v2.0

Ben Matasar — Jan 22, 1996

A big, rambling level. Lots of twisty, windy passageways with drop holes into water-filled tunnels... In order to facilitate flow, the underwater tunnels have been removed. Really shrinks up the subjective size of the map.

DMMC Archive v5

Durandal Mapmakers Club — Jan 22, 1996

4 maps, for the week ending 1/7/96. Two have been seen before (Mutiny is good on the small maps page, and Assault of the Bobs from last week has been redone to be mostly underwater), but the other two are nice.

Tic Tac Toe

Kevin Baucom — Jan 22, 1996

A pretty simple arena, with all weapons in raised passageways. Unlimited Flick'ta.

Bullets and Butterflies

Richard Bushey — Jan 22, 1996

A large, water-filled arena. The central sniping tower makes a nice hill... really hard to defend.

King Carnage

Zach Norwood — Jan 22, 1996

A small arena, with the weapons mostly in the (hard to reach once you've left) outer ring. The fire Flick'ta are really annoying...

Carnagey Hull + (m2)

Jon Gilbert — Jan 22, 1996

I really don't know what Bungie was thinking this time around with the alien textures. Sort of like a bad golfing quartet on acid... and this map makes full use of them. Sort of a big ring, with a small room in the center. Lots of minibobs and ticks... This version adds quite a few features, making it much more playable as a net map.

Current Castle

Zach Norwood — Jan 18, 1996

A totally underwater hill... and a physics model that lets you fire weapons there. Getting to the hill is non-trivial. (Something to do with the name of the map...)

Wet 'N Wild

Zach Norwood — Jan 16, 1996

ThunderDome with an attitude (and a nice launching start...)

Mutiny is good...

CarnaMan — Jan 15, 1996

A small, tight, King-of-the-Hill arena. Great flow. See how long you can stay on the hill... this map should have some of the lowest winning times around.

Horse Gates

Alex Manus — Jan 15, 1996

Cool name for a net map!! Once you play the map then the name will make more sense. Almost a rodeo style start with small narrow hallways that open into the large arena area, (reminiscent of stall gates). Some bugs with this one, along with some teleport problems. Don't play this net game with aliens on, you will run into tremendous problems.....Solo play-it might work, I haven't tried it yet. Flow is slow at times, and probably would only work best with EMFH.

House of Pfhun

Stephen Ritchie — Jan 15, 1996

A small arena, and a large ammo room... most of the ammo is suspended (get good at elevators, or die), and watch the lava traps! A few neat tricks...


Pete Lukow — Jan 13, 1996

A straightforward port of the M1 Arena.

Lord of the Sky

James Willson — Jan 12, 1996

Conversion of an M1 map, Lord of the Pit. Don't fall off! (if you do, check out the bottom quickly...)

Mars Needs Women v1.1

Winston Hendrickson — Jan 12, 1996

Stays pretty close in feel to the original. One major difference, though... getting that spanker is a bit more painful than it used to be. (Seems like there are more purple compilers than in the original, too... those circling green bolts in the carnage pit are a pretty eerie sight!) Update has some tweaks (better lighting, some sounds, movement to the lava).

Wisp's Small Net Maps

Justin Wood — Jan 12, 1996

A pair of small arenas. Nice flow, and no aliens (although the Bobs in Chess can be a hassle). The readme only covers the first map... Nice placement for the alien weapon on The Abyss. (You'll stumble on it...)

Matt's Tool

Matt Hughes — Jan 12, 1996

The first modified M2 map, as far as I know... This is a modification of Flight of the Toolator, with the lava removed and weapons and aliens beefed up.

Water Sports

Laurent Stanevich — Jan 11, 1996

All weapons and ammo are suspended in midair, and the only way up is inside the 5 water columns of this small arena. Tricky... but a lot of fun once you get used to it.


Kevin Simson — Jan 11, 1996

This one's big, bright, and has some pretty cool areas. Very liberal use of ambient sounds, and some fun waterfalls (although a couple of them are just annoying). This one would be good with 5-8 players...


Randy Reddig — Jan 11, 1996

The first M2 map done (well, sort of) by AFCYdnar, the creator of Pfhorever and Pfhactory. This map was never finished (it's not 68K clean-use Ignore Zero Divides on those machines), and was never meant to be released, but it has already been leaked by some of his friends, so... It's actually a pretty nice small (sewage-filled) arena. Dark, and the liquid keeps the death rate reasonable...

DMMC Archive v4

Durandal Mapmakers Club — Jan 11, 1996

The Durandal Map Makers Club is a group of AOLers who get together to make M2 maps. They release an archive each week, comprised of all the M2 maps made by group members over the week. This is their fourth release, dated 12/31/95. This one's four maps. Seems to be a water theme... (Except for Spanker Island, which felt an awful lot to me like the M1 map Cylinder (available in one (or more, maybe) of the Suicide Maps). Pretty good quality, overall... I wasn't overly fond of Water World Arena (which is *nothing* like the Bungie map of similar name), but Pfhlange and Assault of the Bobs were both pretty fun.

Sky's The Limit v2.5

Unknown — Jan 11, 1996

A nice, small, symmetrical arena. Flow is great, and the powerful stuff is a little off the beaten path.

Mars Revisited

Unknown — Jan 11, 1996

This ain't Mars. Well, it has the same layout as Mars, and it's a pretty nice map in its own right, but it ain't Mars... The carnage pit is now a (very deep) pool, brightly lit. The upstairs is open to the air, with vistas... The compilers in the water are pretty cool, but it ain't Mars...

Suicide v22

Butch Massoni — Jan 11, 1996

3 levels. These didn't thrill me as some have... and Circle Jerk has a bit of smearing if you're looking at the platform next to you as it moves (somewhat unavoidable, given the Marathon engine). Still fun, though...

Pfhactory v2.2CS

Randy Reddig — Jan 10, 1996

The CS stands for Chapter Screen. This map is identical to the above version of Pfhactory, except that it has a great chapter screen at the beginning of it... I'll leave 'em both up, because the first one contains films and an M1 version of the map that this one doesn't have. Only change in this version is that the 8-bit version of the chapter screen is now in color.

Bear's Net Maps v3

Bear Weiter — Jan 10, 1996

This is now up to six maps (although two are just the same map with different net options...). One is unstable on 68K macs-use the Ignore Zero Divides program to get around this. A pretty nice mix... small, medium, and large arenas, some nice twisty areas, a bunch of enhancements to take advantage of the new M2 features. Bunch of tweaks (texture alignments, etc.) Now comes with three physics models which make the alien weapon a bit more deadly...

PG Mars Needs Women v2.0

Patrick Gray — Jan 10, 1996

A modification of a modification. This one started with Mars Needs Women, above, and then went on to make a few tweaks. Includes the map he started with (so if you haven't already gotten it, you can get it here), and a list of changes made. This version fixes a small bug that kept the skull from showing up in Kill the Guy...

The Ares Project

Evan Vetere — Jan 09, 1996

A loving renovation of Mars Needs Women. This one's better than the original, I think... the only criticism I have (and it's really minor) is that the upstairs may not be dark enough any more. Other than that, though... This is gorgeous.

DMMC Archive v2

Durandal Mapmakers Club — Jan 07, 1996

The second release from the DMMC (12/17/95). This one consists of 10 maps. Two are already on this page (Cruiseman Maps). All the rest were done by the group's president. They are all pretty high quality, small arenas with a nice eye to alien and weapon placement.

Ignore Zero Divides

Christian Bauer — Jan 07, 1996

If you play on a 68K machine, GET THIS! It's tiny, and it only does one thing, but it might just be the most useful utility out there for non-PPC owners. The biggest cause of crashes is the presence of zero-length lines in a map. This leads the cpu to attempt to divide by zero, which makes it crash... Bungie seems to have fixed the problem for the PowerPC code, but 040 and 030 owners were out of luck, before now... This little baby simply instructs your cpu to ignore any divide-by-zero operations. Run it just before you play Marathon, and you'll be free of those pesky Type 4 errors forever!

The Grottos

Kevin Simpson — Jan 07, 1996

A big map, with water-filled areas being the main link between the separate open areas... Lots of hiding places.

Pfhactory v2.0

Randy Reddig — Jan 06, 1996

Conversion of a *very* big M1 level. Plays best with 8 players... This archive includes some films and the M1 version as well.

Trench Warfare

Ballistic2 — Jan 06, 1996

You start in one bunker, and the object is to make it to the other bunker. Problem is, there's an awful lot of baddies in the trenches between here and there... Set up as a solo level (only one starting position), but could make a good net level for big groups.

Cruiseman Maps

Ed Hirsch — Jan 04, 1996

A couple of converted M1 maps. There's an interesting port of Arena (looks like you're going swimming, but you're not), and a port of Halls of Death which is a bit hard to play in low-res due to the texture choices.

Citadel of Antiquity v1.0

Evan Vetere — Jan 04, 1996

Once again proving that Waldo World was Bungie's most popular M1 net level, here's another version of that beautiful arena. This one's outdoors, and sports M2 niceties such as vistas, whistling winds, and shootable lights. Oh, yeah, and a shotgun...

Torpedoes Away!

Richard Bushey — Jan 04, 1996

A mostly underwater map, which might be boring, except it comes with a physics model which allows firing of weapons. Lots of fun... (I wish the bobs would shoot underwater, too...) This doesn't crash my 68K machine, but it doesn't play, either-it just sits there (all sounds audible) with no visible image until I quit.

Marathon 2 Bridgemap v1.1

Stephen Ritchie — Jan 03, 1996

A very nice conversion of the M1 map. The outdoor vista can really throw you off... Update adds lots of baddies and special effects.

M2 Sound Converter 0.5b

James Knight — Jan 02, 1996

Converts M2 sounds to resources, where you can edit them, and then converts them back. Still in early beta format, but functional...


Evan Vetere — Jan 02, 1996

This is Axiocranium with a twist. Map's the same, but there are lots and lots and lots of bobs, and with the enclosed physics model, some of them don't like you very much... You've got to figure out which ones. Nicely frenetic. Contains the original Axiocranium (v2), also.


Chris Silverberg — Jan 02, 1996

Chris seems intent on converting all of Bungie's M1 maps by the middle of this week. He's doing a great job of maintaining Bungie's feel...

The Host of Seraphim v1.0

Michael Gaines — Jan 02, 1996

A nicely flowing map on a couple of levels. Learn the switches quickly...

Marathon Xmas

David Twist — Jan 02, 1996

A very nicely done novelty map. C'mon, download it, it's tiny! (It was out on Christmas eve, sorry I didn't get it up quickly...)

Akira Complex

Nate Hawkinson — Jan 02, 1996

5 levels. Mostly simple, with no place to hide-geometrical. Good for carnage... The title map is somewhat more complicated.


Mark Levin — Jan 02, 1996

A really simple 5D map. So simple, in fact, you may have trouble finding the 5D space... until your fodder is in it.

The Forest

Fugahzi — Jan 02, 1996

Dark. The better weapons are hidden...

Carnage Galore

HackdSabre — Jan 02, 1996

Lots of very long, very narrow passageways, and no real ammo. Comes with a physics model. Impossible without it (the hunters will take you down very quickly), but way too easy with it...

M2-Spiral Insanity

Chris Silverberg — Jan 02, 1996

This one's grey instead of green... but I like it a lot.

M2 Carnage Palace Deee-luxe

Chris Silverberg — Jan 02, 1996

Another port by Chris Silverberg. This one doesn't seem as dark as the original... but that could be the difference in machines. (I played the M1 version mostly on 040's.)


Chris Silverberg — Jan 01, 1996

A conversion of the M1 Bungie net level. Stays pretty true to the original. Nicely done.

Waldo World Arena

Chris SIlverberg — Jan 01, 1996

A conversion of the M1 Bungie net level. Stays pretty true to the original. Nicely done.

Throw 'Em In to the Lions

Dr. Sardu — Dec 31, 1995

A small arena, built around a nasty waterfilled pit... Don't fall in!

Pfhlush After Using

Unknown — Dec 31, 1995

A very big map, mostly underwater. Some nice tricks. A little bit of texture smearing in a couple of places, but nothing horrible. PPC-Only (zero length line).

M2-Showered with Grenades

Chris Silverberg — Dec 31, 1995

A nice conversion of Bungie's M1 level. Feels a lot like the original. Great for nostalgia...

Object Placement Editor 1.4

Unknown — Dec 31, 1995

OPE is a quick way to add/remove different aliens on the net levels. Easier than doing the same thing with Mia or MME. This version fixes a few bugs.

Bob Hot Air Popper

Dr. Sardu — Dec 31, 1995

A small arena with a neat little novelty first seen in one of Fusion's M1 maps. Looks better in M2, in my opinion... PPC-only (zero-length line error).

MNB's Pfhorever

Curt Lewis — Dec 24, 1995

A modification of Pfhorever (also available here) whereby the secrets are easier to get to, and the arena is open-air.

Pfhorever v2.0b1

Randy Reddig — Dec 21, 1995

A pretty nice arena in the style of Waldo World. Package also comes with a version for M1.


Mark Conahan — Dec 20, 1995

A concept map. A totally white world... great for the holidays. REQUIRES the Maddox/Hijacker textures (357K) for the two textures it uses... If you play this solo, be prepared to get your butt kicked by those regenerating troopers. Never fear, there's a recharger here somewhere... if only I could find my way through the snow...

Simply Elegant

Chris Feist — Dec 20, 1995

A small arena with a fitting name. Comes in two versions: lowG and normal. A defended hill, for once...

Hard Boiled

Harry Hahn — Dec 20, 1995

For such a small map, it sure is easy to get lost... Contains Harry Hahn's impeccable attention to detail (check out the Marathon logo in the big room near the top of the map, done in lights...) Not a new map, just new to this page.

Happy Happy Carnage Carnage

Aaron Sommer — Dec 20, 1995

A simple arena for up to four players. Each player gets his own weapon, and ammo is down in the pit... The only way to change weapons is to die. (If this one gets converted to M2, it should have a totally different feel to it...) Not a new map, just new to this page.


Aaron Sommer — Dec 20, 1995

A nice 5-D take on Bungie's pillar net level. Much, much bigger than the original (or at least it seems that way, with the added dimension...).

Suicide V21

Butch Massoni — Dec 20, 1995

5 levels. A couple of them are great (Mount Pfhorabachi, Out of the Closet) and all are very playable. Up on a Pedestal is a little rough if you miss a weapon at the start, but I guess if you do, you won't live long, so it's not really a problem...


Harry Hahn — Dec 20, 1995

A baseball diamond. Check the locker room for the really big guns. Not a new map, just new to this page.

Suicide V20

Butch Massoni — Dec 20, 1995

3 levels. Thor's Caverns is a lot of fun...

Starbase IX

Mattias Engdegård — Dec 20, 1995

Big, and dark. Pretty spooky, though... if you're playing this as a net level, be sure to have a big group. The readme says any similarities to existing work is coincidental or subconscious. He's got a pretty active subconscious...

Disco Inferno v1.0.1

Aaron Sommer — Dec 20, 1995

Aaron Sommer's take on the original Disco Inferno. Since it's not an upgrade by the original author, I'm leaving both versions up... This one's worth a look, though. The teleporter hall made me sick. Not a new map, just new to this page.

"If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It"

Michael Gaines — Dec 19, 1995

Totally non-040 friendly (looks like zero line length error...). and the textures and angles give me a headache on a powermac. Some nice secrets, though...

Stardate 9508.18

Michael Gaines — Dec 18, 1995

A house. Not bad, but it feels cramped... very few places to hide. Nice use of sound.

Water Cannon

Steve Israelson — Dec 17, 1995

This map is included with Pfhorte 2.0a6, but I'm putting it here for the folks who like to play more than build. Well-named, and a really nice idea. Use the cannon to arm yourself! Brings back memories of Action Park. Needs more weapons and ammo, though...

Ringworld v1.1

Jeff Eaton — Dec 17, 1995

A really cool concept-king of the hill, with all the big weapons down in the ring that circles the hill, guarded by drones-but the implementation leaves a bit to be desired. The "hill" is so small that the big weapons aren't really needed...

"Circular Death, M2 Style"

Damian Griffin — Dec 17, 1995

This was a great small map for M1. The addition of water totally changes the dynamics of the map (no more dropping to that lowest teleporter quickly to escape...), but it might work out to be just as fun...

Marathon 2 Enhancer: Kill the Bob

Power Computing — Dec 15, 1995

Your favorite target, good old Bob, has been replaced with Bob LeVitus, Director of Evangelism for Power Computing Corporation. Because there are no great tools yet for making non-resource patches (if you know of one, tell me about it), you get the entire Shapes file... which is rather large. Also, it only works with the commercial version of Marathon 2, not the demo... you've been warned. (And you may have to set the type and creator codes for this file in order for it to show up in your Environment Shapes list.
The proper values are TYPE shp2, CREATOR 52.4.

V8 v2.0

Mike Neylon — Dec 15, 1995

A port of the popular M1 map. Mike's done a great job with this-sewage works great here!

Netwired v2a1

Jason Parkhill — Dec 15, 1995

Two levels, one a Bungie port (What goes up, must come down) and one a port from the M1 Netwired collection (Dementia). The original level works better... I wish the water were deeper.


Matt B — Dec 14, 1995

Pretty cool multilevel arena. Bottom floor teleports you up to sniper positions, outside ring allows access to a drop zone in the center...

Odes Netmaps

Bruce Hartzler — Dec 14, 1995

Created as odes to Carnage Palace Dee-luxe, these try to evoke the same feeling that map did. They succeed, mostly (although the third one reminded me more of Mars Needs Women than Carnage Palace...).

The Grinder v2.0

mike9m — Dec 14, 1995

A very interesting concept map. Two player only (you can't play it solo-you need someone to let you out-and more than two doesn't work, either). One player has a SPNKR but is trapped, the other can move but has only a pistol (and access to a crushing elevator for the trapped one). Makes for some fun strategic games! Update contains a 1-player tryout (so you can see what's going on), and a second level... also pretty interesting.

Marathon: the Gathering

James Willson — Dec 14, 1995

A 20 level net pack. Most of these play with some neat trick. Some are great, some are downright stupid. On the whole, though, you can't go wrong downloading it... at the very worst, you'll learn something new about the Marathon engine.

World Wide Web v3

Matt B — Dec 14, 1995

Yet another twist on the WWW theme. This one isn't done by Mike Neylon, though... This one's identical to WWW 2 (above), except the center nodes have been pulled for an arena. Nice touch, actually...

Underpass v2.2

Ben Levitt — Dec 14, 1995

Nice use of elevators. The underpass is a bit too massive to give the sense that you're really passing under someone. Latest update contains another bug fix.

Gimme Shelter

Mark Macbeth — Dec 14, 1995

Big, rambling arena. Snagged some nice features off of other maps.

Scorn Net Maps

Scott Cornelisen — Dec 14, 1995

4 maps. Generally nice, but all four had bugs, and one (Deltitnu) I was never able to get functioning on an 040-based machine. Also, if you decide to play these, be sure to open them in a map editor, and delete the author's "signature"-all the polys used to make these are bad. (Again, causing crashes on non-powermacs.)

The Green Room

Jason Katzman — Dec 14, 1995

Arena with some nice sniper positions. A lot of good stuff can be found in the Green room, but watch yourself there...

Mia 1.0b19

Unknown — Dec 13, 1995

The last version for Marathon 1. Changes aren't documented, but seems to be mostly pallette changes (there's now a Texture popup!). If you've got the space, definitely worth having around.

Operation Tantalus v1.0

The Three — Dec 11, 1995

A 19-level solo masterpiece, with new sounds, shapes, terms, physics, bobs... and it's totally non-linear (you decide what order to do the levels in). Brought to you by the folks who did U.S.S. Raider, Athens Outpost, and the Marathon's Story page.

Marathon 2 Map Specs

Unknown — Dec 06, 1995

From Ryan Martell, one of Bungie's programmers... Useless to non-programmers, priceless to anyone who wants to make extensions for Marathon.

Multi Music Movie Maker v0.5

Paul C.H. Ho — Nov 30, 1995

A very simple little drag-n-drop app that will concatenate a bunch of quicktime movie MIDI files into a Marathon Music file.

Marathorn v1.0

thorn7 — Nov 29, 1995

A very well-done, 7 level solo map. Pretty difficult... and it relies too heavily on doors that don't look like doors, in my opinion. but on the whole, this one's very entertaining. Uses Craig Mullin's artwork for chapter screens...

Painter's Minipack

Chris Painter — Nov 29, 1995

4 levels. A couple feel claustrophobic, but there are a couple of nice ones here...

Suicide v19

Butch Massoni — Nov 29, 1995

4 levels (three great, one so-so). Zig Zag is too open for slower machines, but the rest are some of Butch's best. (He's been busy since I've been here last!) One game on Press Box (6 player) racked up a kill rate of 36 deaths/minute! Think fast (really, really fast) or die.

Carnage Haus v1.0

StompBox — Nov 29, 1995

It looks really small, but the dropchutes make it pretty confusing. In a two player game, we had real trouble finding each other...

Don't Fall

mike9m — Nov 29, 1995

Author calls this a silly net map, but I disagree. This one's a lot of fun... Comes with a physics model, required. The point is not to kill your opponent, but to force him into a pit, where a modified hunter will do the job for you. The one with the fewest deaths wins.

The Tower v1.1

Jeff Rebbeck — Nov 29, 1995

Big. Some interesting stuff (check the outside carefully). Update just adds random monsters.

Black Hole Arena

mike9m — Nov 29, 1995

Pretty fun with a few people. The arena is all space texture, landscape mode, so you've got no idea where anything is. A bunch of teleporters will take you to small waldo-world-like rooms for ammo and weapons, and one will take you to an invisibility powerup (which makes you pretty unbeatable, in the arena part). No spankers or tozters make for a fun shoot-em-up.

Suicide v17

Butch Massoni — Nov 29, 1995

3 levels (two chunks of Couch fishing and an original). He's still at it...

Digital Orange v3.0

Daniel Loebl — Nov 29, 1995

Don't even think of turning aliens on for a net game. Troopers, troopers everywhere... Update has more secrets.

Aliens Shapes v3.0

D. Aguero — Nov 29, 1995

A very well done package, containing new sprites for Fighters, Troopers, and Lookers, as well as overhauls of several weapons and the motion detector. Comes with a physics model to make it all work, and a map (recommended by the author, but not necessary). (Check out Noah's Ark, which is the v4.0 release of these shapes.)

Suicide v18

Butch Massoni — Nov 29, 1995

3 levels (all original). All fun (use the low grav in Anybody In Here to your advantage...).

Lost Angles

spockers — Nov 29, 1995

Four levels, mostly cityscapes. Great for snipers.

Sneakers Maps

Unknown — Nov 29, 1995

3 maps. Nearly impossible solo (too many aliens, not enough hiding places), but some nice flow mechanisms for net play.

Plan 9

John Vizcarra — Nov 29, 1995

The author tried to make a map in the spirit of Mars Needs Women, and I think he succeeded. Nice flow.

The Hall v1.1

Thomas Roemert — Nov 29, 1995

Brighter than the last version, with lots of teleporters and sniper ledges.

LiteEdit 1.0

Kirill Levchenko — Nov 26, 1995

A neat little tool for viewing, and printing the light levels for a given map. Quite handy.

Suicide v16

Butch Massoni — Nov 10, 1995

Three more. A nice group... Fallin' to Pieces can get really, really messy with more than two players!

Greg's Maps

Unknown — Nov 10, 1995

7 levels. Quality really varies. Some are quite fun, though... Quag's Keep was very enjoyable, and the last level is just about impossible at normal.

Castle Tao

Kendall Redburn — Nov 10, 1995

By the maker of Castle Anteries. Smaller and less complicated, but probably more fun in net play (less distraction).

Rushin' Roulette

David Santoro — Nov 10, 1995

A small pit with all the big weapons, but very, very slow elevators for escape... Watch your back!

Home Pfhor the Holidays

StompBox — Nov 10, 1995

Sort of a two level map. The catwalks are almost a playing field unto themselves. Nice speedy elevators.

Kendall Redburn Other Levels

Kendall Redburn — Nov 10, 1995

7 levels. So named because he uploaded 10 this time, and three stood alone. These are the rest. On the whole, very well made (as were his last ones). Sort of concept levels-each is designed to be played in a certian way. (For example-Rocket is a low grav level with lots of tozters... built for vertical ambush.) Worth the look for smaller groups.

Castle Anteries

Kendall Redburn — Nov 10, 1995

A large, complicated castle with lots of neat tricks. Very pretty.


Kendall Redburn — Nov 10, 1995

A very nicely done subway station. Some nice stuff to be found on the tracks, but be careful! Plays much better on Powermacs, due to the large open areas.

High & Low Map

Dave Turner — Nov 09, 1995

Another very high quality offering from Dave Turner (half of the team that produced Hutch). Consists of two parts, both of which can stand alone. The map is a very nicely done, very big arena-like area. Inspired by G4 Sunbathing and a ship loading terminal on the Seattle waterfront. Best with a fast machine. Also included (but not required) is a patch to turn Bobs and Troopers into fusion pistol or rocket-wielding characters. The troopers can be quite dangerous. The bobs are only dangerous if you get them mad. Check it out-you won't be disappointed. Very nice artworK on the shapes patches...

Downward Spiral

Mike Neylon — Nov 09, 1995

Another MKN map. A central pit with lots of baddies, and a spiral ramp up to the weapons... Easy to get down, pretty tough to get up.

Company Map

Kevin Muñoz — Nov 09, 1995

Designed to be used with the Aliens Shapes patch and the Giger Textures patch. Basically just a kill-everything-in-sight map. Also comes with a patch for the assault rifle that's quite nice.

Temple Of Flesh

SnowCrash — Nov 09, 1995

Quite large, or so it seems. The package is so big because the author has included all development versions of the map, along with films for each version.

Two Net Maps (m1)

reinhard — Nov 09, 1995

Just what it sounds like. Suffers from the fall-in-this-pit-and-die syndrome (pits with no way out but suicide).

Suicide v15

Butch Massoni — Nov 06, 1995

3 maps (one modified Bungie). An odd set, but Get Yer Ass Up Here grows on you...

Temple of the Pfhore

Ric Ewing — Nov 06, 1995

6 levels (The title level, and 5 bonus levels). Pretty well made, small but not simple. The bonus levels seem to be experiments... some work really well.

Click Here for Enlightenment

Unknown — Nov 06, 1995

Three maps, 5 levels. One three-pack, normal. The other two are variations on the same map. They both require the textures from the Canyonlands package, and the second one was designed with the Dogs of Pfhor package, as well.

Mile High Madness

David Santoro — Nov 06, 1995

Very simple map. You're on the roof of a skyscraper, with lots and lots of weapons. Fall off, and die.

Kid's Map

Michael Coyle — Nov 06, 1995

Designed by someone with young kids who thought Marathon looked great, but were a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of some maps. Simple, but with nice flow.

Deliverance V1.2

Bill Catambay — Oct 19, 1995

The first three of several levels. Quite hard, but playable. Level three is based in the Deliverance penitentiary. Pretty nice layout... this scenario is really coming along.

Stratum Interlude

Kirill Levchenko — Oct 19, 1995

Set between Arrival and Bigger Guns Nearby, this level expands on the Bungie storyline. Another strategy level-your only weapons are your pistol and your fist. Nice.

Training Maps

Kirill Levchenko — Oct 19, 1995

Four levels. Exactly what they sound like. Each level consists of a room with one or two specific types of aliens in it. The included physics model simulates a hydrogen-filled atmosphere-use your gun and die. The idea here is to get good at killing with just your fist, and to stay alive as long as possible. Just 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week, and you'll have a flatter tummy in no time.

Roger's Map

Roger Hook — Oct 19, 1995

Two levels (one finished, one mostly finished). Author worries they're too easy... he needn't have. A real strategy level. If you can't dodge, or you don't feel like you can leave a level until everything is dead, don't bother trying this... The end of the first level has a pretty creative use of hulks. (Who needs ammo, anyway?)


Dennis Piatkowski — Oct 19, 1995

A large, rambling level with no real plot. Not really new-it was on the solo page because of a misunderstanding on my part... Best with at least four players. Comes with a film showing the sights of the level.


Unknown — Oct 19, 1995

The very beginnings of a Doom port. (Currently listed as v0.5.) Wait and see...


ProleByter — Oct 16, 1995

A large, bisymmetrical level. Set up to look like a fortress. Easy to become disoriented at first, but once you've figured out your way around, the flow's pretty good. Watch the doors in the river!

Suicide v14

Butch Massoni — Oct 16, 1995

Five more, two modified Bungie maps and three new ones. This is the best batch in a while... If you aren't light on your feet and accurate with your shots, you'll end up very, very, dead.


Unknown — Oct 16, 1995

A very simple map, but with a lot of potential. You start at the top, outside, and the only way to go is down and inside... very little room to maneuver, so he who shoots best wins.


David Santoro — Oct 16, 1995

Waldo World, but the arena walls have been mapped over with the space texture. Ledges are still lit, though...

4th Dimension

Zach Norwood — Oct 16, 1995

Another play on the Portals idea... Double waldo worlds. Where'd he go?

Ender vs. Meta

Zach Norwood — Oct 16, 1995

A large arena, continuing on the theme of 5D portals. The wall textures might hurt your eyes...

Twin Towers

David Santoro — Oct 16, 1995

Very big, and way too many secrets (most of which you'd never find on your own). Luckily, a film is included...

Blessed and Broken

jeremedia — Oct 16, 1995

Huge. Lots of juggernauts, hulks, etc. Had a few bad polys, which I fixed... comes with a film showing the creator and a buddy getting wasted by aliens.

Rick's House of Surly

Mark Conahan — Oct 14, 1995

Turns Hulks into big ugly fat dudes. Watch that right cross! Comes with a physics model (required) and House of Surly, a version of Bob World Headquarters (which you should get if you want to use this map-you need the shapes patch in it).

SuperCross v1.2

Harry Hahn — Oct 09, 1995

Kind of like a motocross course. Very pretty to look at, some of its features may not be quite so fun with someone chasing you... Rearranged a bit to facilitate flow. New version actually gets the invisibility regenerating...


Kevin Munoz — Oct 09, 1995

A waldo world-type arena, but more radially symmetrical. Comes with a physics model that'll certainly up your carnage level.

Meta's Dual

Zach Norwood — Oct 09, 1995

A pretty straightforward arena. Like all Meta maps, this is designed for use with Fusion's Marathon 2 Textures . Comes with a sound patch for the teleporter sound (pretty nice change).

NetWired v1.0

Jason Parkhill — Oct 09, 1995

Six levels. Designed for 2-4 players. We found all six to be really enjoyable in three-person games. These games really favor the accurate shooter over the insdiscriminate aim-the-spanker-in-the-general-direction type.

Ty's Wigglies

Clinamens — Oct 09, 1995

Four net maps. Mostly arenas, with some extra twists... Readme is just the description of the upload from AOL.


Mike Neylon — Oct 09, 1995

A large, lava-filled room with the good stuff in the center. The only way in is a very narrow walkway that comes up with some switches...

Suicide v13

Butch Massoni — Oct 09, 1995

3 more. Spanker Parlor is just Pistol Parlor (from Suicide 12) with spankers, but the other two are new. Pretty high carnage rates, even for Butch...

World Wide Web v2.0

Mike Neylon — Oct 09, 1995

World Wide Web (above), with a twist. now the nodes are elevators, and travel can occur on two levels...


Mike Neylon — Oct 09, 1995

You start in a pretty open arena, but switches really tighten things up...

MKN Maps v4.0

Mike Neylon — Oct 09, 1995

21 maps. The four new ones are available separately on this page (if you just downloaded the last version). A collection of all the maps done by Michael Neylon so far. None are very large, but they tend to be good net levels. A couple of the new ones are maps found on the novelty page, redone to be playable...

Meta Warrior v1.1b

Zach Norwood — Oct 09, 1995

A twisty, windy level, with a few nasty surprises (careful of that static region!). Like all the Meta levels, this is designed to work with Fusion's Marathon 2 Textures


Mike Neylon — Oct 09, 1995

Mike Neylon's first attempt at a "Bungie-esque" level. Large central arena, with lots of tight passageways on the fringes.

Pfhactory v0.9b

Randy Reddig — Oct 09, 1995

A huge level with lots of places to hide... Designed for team play. Comes with a 30 minute film (teams, 3 on 2) showing some of the niceties of the level. Don't bother with less than four.

Meta vs. Aeon

Unknown — Oct 08, 1995

Textures from Marathon 2. Used in most of the Meta series of maps.

Fm: Temporal Lab v1

Frigidman™ — Oct 04, 1995

First in a series I never finished. The reason I never finished the series was because I didn't want to be limited in what I could do. Following a series format, would have limited me.

Handles many players, and is a pain in the butt. Solo play is really fun with the monsters that are present. Wasps and Defense drones abound.

This was my first map where I messed with Portals. Thus the reason it was called Temporal Lab. I used this interesting idea in the second to last level in Marathon:Evil, where I took it all to the next step, and created a whole facility that was folded onto itself through a portal. This map was my first attempts at the idea.

This was also my last major creation for Marathon, before I moved onto Marathon2. This map was my first attempt at Marathon2 aswell. I used the first Pfhorte version made to deal with M2, and the map turned out so badly, I had to redo it. v2 is the redone version, fixed in Forge after a long tedious converting process by Carl Lineberry. Thanks to him, people can play this map in M2!


Mike Neylon — Oct 03, 1995

Two islands, linked by an underground passage. Looks like it'd make for great team play.


Kirill Levchenko — Oct 03, 1995

Looks small, but it's not... Readme says it can be played solo, but there really aren't enough aliens...

Chamber of Horrors

D. Chan — Oct 03, 1995

Dark, with lots and lots of baddies. No real plot, though.

Hulk Farm

Wolfram Gorner — Oct 03, 1995

You are the Marathonian, the Hulk Hunter. This should give you a pretty good idea of the plot of this level... (Actually, the readme's pretty interesting.)

Attics and Cellars

Mike Neylon — Oct 03, 1995

A Mike Neylon map. Ledges and pits... (pretty well titled).


David Santoro — Oct 03, 1995

Named for lighting effects that you don't have enough time to pay attention to... Mostly pretty tight (not too much open space), but spread out enough that there's room for 4 or so players. Two rechargers that are VERY hard to use, especially with more than two players...

Deja Vu

Kirill Levchenko — Oct 03, 1995

A pretty well laid out level. You'll be far too busy trying to stay alive the first time through to really take stock of your surroundings, but don't worry, there are ways around that... For your own enjoyment, don't read the terms before playing.

Director's Cut V2.0

Philip Lamb — Oct 03, 1995

Three (well, really two) levels. Visually pretty appealing. Playable as net levels, as well. Some pretty cool tricks (check out the reactor on the second level carefully).

Freek 3Pak

JD Freek — Oct 03, 1995

Three net levels. Lots of teleporters, and catwalks over lava... Mostly well-lit. A couple of nasty surprises.

The Land of Dairy Queen

StompBox — Oct 03, 1995

A very nice looking level. Reminiscent of Pfhornication II, so if you like this one, check that out...

"Pfhor Ball, Corner Pocket"

Mike Neylon — Oct 03, 1995

Another Mike Neylon map. A pretty nice pool table... the table top makes a great open arena, and the pockets lead to some nasty tunnel fighting.

Super Map

SuperSpy — Sep 25, 1995

A really quick hack. A shapes patch that adds the faces of #marathon regulars to the walls, and a small map.


Allan Crossman — Sep 25, 1995

Three maps, and a physics model that bumps up the aliens' skill without changing your abilities. Inspired by 20 Minutes of Hell, these are good for those times when you just need to waste some Pfhor...

deRuyter V1.4

Arthur van der Harg — Sep 25, 1995

What a real spaceship looks like. Now has a fifth level. Very well done. This should keep you entertained for a while.... Finally contains terms!

The Joy of Death v1.0

Tom Klancer — Sep 25, 1995

A wide open arena with some nice sniper positions... might be slow on 68K machines.

Suicide v10

Butch Massoni — Sep 25, 1995

Butch said he was done with these, but he lied. Three more levels, one modified bungie and two original. Pistol Parlor gets some nice action with pistols as the only weapon...

Shotgun Carnage!

daveste — Sep 25, 1995

Shapes, and sounds patch and a new physics model allows you to add a shotgun to any scenario. It replaces the pistol.


Allan Crossman — Sep 25, 1995

Nice flow. Coolest feature is a funky passageway which the author apologizes for...

Marauder:Second Encounter

Kyle Goodridge — Sep 25, 1995

Picks up where Encounter:Colony leaves off. Your job is to clean out a Pfhor ship with the help of some crack marines. Requires Enter the Marines shapes patch (included). Not all that hard, unfortunately...

CyberCraft Rescue

daveste — Sep 25, 1995

Shapes and Sounds patches and a physics model turn standard scenery landing pods into nasty, powerful flying attack ships (on your side).


BEneroth — Sep 25, 1995

Another scenario by the creator of Luna West. This one has some pretty serious bugs... I almost didn't put it up, but I figured if enough folks emailed the author, they might get fixed. Worth a look, anyway... Non-linear.

Meta's Final Test

Zach Norwood — Sep 25, 1995

A map with a few cool features, and a shapes patch that adds Marathon2 textures... really pretty! (Think about the shapes patch with other maps...)


David Santoro — Sep 25, 1995

Pretty big (looks like you'd need four or so for comfortable net play), but really well done. Some very nice features (polished crushers, e.g.). A little of everything...

Pfhorno Lives!

Steve Weintraub — Sep 15, 1995

Nice flow through a few rooms. The tozter is a bit hard to get while you're being chased... Comes with a film showing secrets.

Stormtroopers 1.1

Marcus Thorell — Sep 15, 1995

Turns Fighters into Stormtroopers. Comes with an optional physics model. Pretty nice!

Suicide Collection

Butch Massoni — Sep 15, 1995

This is the entire set of Suicide maps created by Butch Massoni (through version 10). It includes the 49 original levels (tweaked a bit in some cases) as well as 5 new levels. There will be no more... marksmen (and women) need to check out Otis' Place.

Foolishness v1.0

Gabe Rosenkoetter — Sep 15, 1995

13 levels. A real mix. Some novelty levels, some not-so-good maps, some very good maps. More baddies than you can shake a stick at. (Watch for crashes on 68K macs.)

The Pfhunky Pfhive

PatBoie — Sep 15, 1995

Pretty nicely thought out levels. Good lighting. Inpfhiniti was our favorite. Annoying readme (way bigger than it has to be).


Evan Vetere — Sep 15, 1995

A very simple vacuum level, requiring the enclosed flying physics model. Careful about landing!

Kendall Redburn Levels

Kendall Redburn — Sep 15, 1995

19 levels. Most are very well done. There are a lot of fun tricks shown here... Check out the train in Subway!

Solo Grenade Shower

ChipSer — Sep 15, 1995

A minor reworking of Showered with Grenades, adding baddies, ammo, a recharger, and an escape route... Comes with a physics model.

Revelations v1.0

Daniel Loebl — Sep 15, 1995

A dark church, lots of teleporters, and hell...

10 Net Levels

LbOuVzEz — Sep 15, 1995

What it says... Generally pretty good. A couple of scenario maps (capture the flag, guard the building, that sort of thing...). Lots of aliens for net levels.


ChasFH — Sep 13, 1995

11 levels. The emphasis here is on puzzle solving, and agility. If you hated Colony Ship For Sale, you're going to hate some of these levels. Save as often as you can, because it's pretty easy to find yourself in a position that you can't continue from. On the whole, though, these are very nicely designed levels. The readme says PPC-only, but I've made 'em 68K-compatible.


Unknown — Sep 13, 1995

Very symmetrical, very green, all travel goes one way. Nice weapons placement.


Evan Vetere — Sep 13, 1995

Some teleporters bring you to weapons, some put you in the cell... And always, watch the closin' doors!


Evan Vetere — Sep 13, 1995

Knock your opponent(s) into the lava... watch the damn troopers, though.

Night On The Town v1.1delta

Stephen Ritchie — Sep 13, 1995

A city scene. Pretty well done. Nice recharger placement.


Evan Vetere — Sep 13, 1995

Geometrical battlefield (designed for teams, but playable without them). Has an invisible wall bug that makes it impossible to get to one of the chargers. (I was unable to fix it.) Author says it's unfinished. (Still plays okay, except for the wall bug...)


Allan Crossman — Sep 13, 1995

Sort of a Waldo World lookalike. Very clean. Comes in solo and net versions.


Evan Vetere — Sep 13, 1995

Showered with Grenades, with sniper ducts above most of the rooms. Very nicely done.

More Star Trek Textures

Unknown — Sep 12, 1995

What, you were expecting Bob Newhart, maybe?

Fm: Arena / Mars v1

Frigidman™ — Sep 10, 1995

They were created with Pfhorte1.0.
Maps were Finished on September 10th 1995

These maps are converted versions of the original Marathon net maps. They are tweaked and adjusted to weird ends to provide enjoyment. More of novelty than anything.

(OMGOSH! I named the Title with ": Arena" ... I AM GOING TO GET SUED BY THE BUTTHOLES OF ID SOFTWARE!!! Yeah right, go hop a fast one ID... I had that title there LONG before YOU did, putz's)


invsabl — Sep 10, 1995

Pillars, pillars everywhere...

Mad Science v1.0

Daniel Loebl — Sep 10, 1995

Big, lots of open spaces, insanely difficult with aliens. With aliens off, would make a great open level for 6-8 players.

Killer B's Map

Brian Workman — Sep 10, 1995

A big, rambling level with a couple of nice twists. There is no tozter without risk...

Mower Maps

Kelly Mower — Sep 04, 1995

15 levels in two maps. A real grab bag. Some very nice maps, some almost novelty maps. Level 3 of the second set (Come See the Fights) is PowerMac-Only.

Madd Ox/Hijacker

Mark Conahan — Sep 04, 1995

Two maps, sharing a texture installer (compatible with the other MC products, Canyonlands and Bobco, available here as well). The Madd Ox building is the author's work building, and it's really well done (love the 70's carpeting!). Hijacker is a solo map (3 levels) in which you play DB Cooper. The plane is great, and the final level uses Buskey's Master Wall very nicely. (This level is repeated, tweaked for net play.) Very, very classy.

Body Bagging v1.1

Tom Klancer — Sep 04, 1995

A nice arena, inspired by Thunderdome (the M1 level, not Bungie's).

Krier's Power Levels v1.5

Mike Krier — Sep 04, 1995

6 levels. Newest level is vacuum. Some interesting touches. Best for folks who have mastered vertical aiming. Nice staircase in Double Helix.

Arena Extreme

David Daniels — Sep 04, 1995

A very large arena (author recommends 6 players). A little disorienting, but lots of open space.

King of the Hill v1.0

Greg Ferguson — Aug 25, 1995

A central pillar and four outside rooms. All the good ammo's on the pillar, but you're such an easy target...

Pfhorte Users Guide v2.2

Randy Varnell — Aug 25, 1995

Put together by Randy Varnell, in Docmaker format, it's somewhat like the Pfhorte Handbook. Not quite as complete, but my guess is any mapmaker (or wannabe mapmaker) wouldn't go too wrong getting both of these.

PHRS v.1: Alien Textures

John M. Vizcarra — Aug 25, 1995

Pict file containing M1 Alien textures with Readme.

PHRS v.2: Marathon Set 1

John M. Vizcarra — Aug 25, 1995

Pict file containing M1 Wall 1 textures with Readme.

PHRS v.3: Marathon Set 2

John M. Vizcarra — Aug 25, 1995

Pict file containing M1 Wall 2 textures with Readme.

PHRS v.4: Marathon Set 3

John M. Vizcarra — Aug 25, 1995

Pict file containing M1 Wall 3 textures with Readme.

PHRS v.5: Control Panels

John M. Vizcarra — Aug 25, 1995

Pict file containing M1 Control Panel textures with Readme.

PHRS v.6: Objects

John M. Vizcarra — Aug 25, 1995

Pict file containing M1 Scenery Objects with Readme.


Sriranga R. Veeraraghavan — Aug 25, 1995

This is the final release (maybe) of what I called Zeuropa (below). 13 levels, some the same as in Zeuropa, some different... The author says these are all the ones that are semi-decent and don't crash. I'd agree that they're pretty good. Still no docs.

ThunderDome v5.0

Greg Ferguson — Aug 25, 1995

Based on a net map Bungie was demoing at MacWorld, but with M1 textures (natch). A fast-paced, nicely laid-out map.

Mondo Waldo World v1.3

Greg Ferguson — Aug 25, 1995

Despite the name, I would be very surprised if this level started its life as Waldo World. Not a bad arena, actually. Now works on all maps.

Go Wif Jeza

Mark Conahan — Aug 21, 1995

4 Levels. Really, really well thought out. These would be really tough as net levels (unless you turned aliens off), but for practice, you won't find a better set. (In fact, these benefit from the Canyonlands textureset, but don't require it. )


Sriranga R. Veeraraghavan — Aug 21, 1995

14 levels. On the whole, these are really nicely done. Many are variations on a theme (one map will be a vacuum level, another the same level with oxygen). There are a few bugs, but no fatal ones, and the general quality level is quite high. No docs.

Meta Warrior v1.1b

Zach Norwood — Aug 21, 1995

Modified Waldo World

Headache PPC

Ryan Bettens — Aug 21, 1995

Lots of teleporters, some good sniping positions (and a decent crusher).

MultiHeaTHen v1.0

Unknown — Aug 21, 1995

Big, and rambling. Works as a practice level.

Rumba Office

Trygve Isaacson — Aug 21, 1995

Two maps. These are maps of an office building, one with the ability to go outside. Bizarre texture choices, and skimpy weapons for net play, but a pretty good flow, nonetheless.

Hutch v1.0.1

Dave Waring/Dave Turner — Aug 17, 1995

Wow. This-wow. I'm amazed. Wow. This is the third floor of a science building... Wait, read the readme. I can't do it justice. Flying chairs, espresso machines, nitrogen canisters, this is a really, really well done package. Get it. 'Nuff said. (Okay, in the interest of objectivity, I'll say that if you don't have a PPC, this will be slow in net play. So what are you waiting for? Designed for net play, but can be finished solo (it's a lot harder, though...). Version 1.01 fixes a bug in the elevator (only the map has changed).

MC's Canyon Lands

Mark Conahan — Aug 15, 1995

Desert Levels. Great textures (first water I've seen outside of the M2 preview), and enough baddies that these levels work equally well as solo (explore) levels and net (kill) levels. The patch affects different texture sets than Bob World Headquarters (see above), so they can both be applied to the same Shapes file. This is now Rev 1, with a few textures fixed.

Suicide v10

Butch Massoni — Aug 15, 1995

4 more. These are the last Suicide levels-look for a compilation soon! These are some of the best yet-two are modified Bungie levels, two are original. Carnage on Oh Pfhuck is absurd.

Marathon West

Lee Perry — Aug 14, 1995

New shapes, physics, and a map that turns Marathon into a shootout in the old west.

Satan Muffins

Scott Messenger — Aug 12, 1995

A pretty nice net level if you stay in the center arena, but it gets hellish if you enter the outside passages...


kazushi — Aug 12, 1995

Apparently, a faithful representation of the first level of Doom 1 (never played it, so...). Good flow.

Suicide v9.0

Butch Massoni — Aug 12, 1995

Another 3 (one original). A nice chunk of Welcome to the Revolution this time...

Canon Food v1.1

Michael Reiske — Aug 09, 1995

Small and deceptively simple. Very nice flow. (This version fixes a small bug, adds a few tweaks.)

Crown of Worms v1.6

Eric Jorgensen — Aug 09, 1995

A little strange-walls hanging here and there, doors designed not to open, enemies you can't get to-but for a small game, the flow should be okay. (Update is mostly tweaks.)

LateNite Carnage

Joe Auty — Aug 09, 1995

A bunch of staircases out in the open. Good for killing folks who haven't mastered the art of looking up or down.

Suicide v8

Butch Massoni — Aug 09, 1995

Four more from the master of mass destruction. Defense Drones 2 lives up to the suicide billing quite nicely with anything over 2 players.

Shoot 'Em Up

SpaceDude — Aug 09, 1995

A big, rambling level. Plays pretty well as a solo level, too.

Levels O' Death

Scott Moye-Rowley/Sean Coleman/Tim Hallstrom — Aug 09, 1995

7 levels, made by three different people. Nice layouts, mostly, but they might be too big small groups.

Disco Inferno

Edward Cooper — Aug 09, 1995

This map has some really great lighting effects. Unfortunately, it also has a bunch of rooms that give me a nasty headache. Worth downloading for the ideas alone.

Butt Monkeys of Alcatraz

Scott Messenger — Aug 09, 1995

Kind of nasty. Lots of ways to die... Personally, I found it distracted me from the true point of a net level (killing your friends), but some folks like this. Well-constructed, anyway.

Shape Shifter 0.8d68

Kevin Hendrickson — Aug 05, 1995

An interesting shapes editor that allows editing of the shapes from within the program.

BobFro v1.1

Mark Conahan — Aug 02, 1995

A cityscape, complete with great signage and some funky extras. By the same guy as Canyon Lands. These two packages patch different texture sets, so you can apply the patches to the same Shapes file.


Dave Merck — Aug 02, 1995

A cityscape, with ray-traced graphics. Cars and helicopters on the outside, gun-toting secretaries and businessmen on the inside. Nasty! It's your job to find the big boss upstairs.

Encounter at Luna West

BEneroth — Aug 02, 1995

No relation to Encounter:Colony. This started as a compilation of levels, but grew to its current form. Some pfhor were taken for study, but got free, and don't realize they lost the war. You've got to protect the research facility. Comes with everything needed (shapes patches, maps, physics model, sounds patch).


Kyle Goodridge — Aug 02, 1995

Due to some colossal bungling, the Pfhor have retaken the Colony below the Marathon. It's your job to clear the way for the marines. This scenario requires The Dogs of Pfhor 2.1 package. The main scenario is designed for solo play, but the package comes with two net maps.

Enter The Marines v1.0

gorlinsk — Aug 01, 1995

Ever wanted marines fighting on your side? Here you go. Replaces Fighters with marines.

Ultimate Giger Textures

luke — Aug 01, 1995

You wake up on a training mission, and everything's gone wrong. New enemies, new weapons, a new splash screen, new sounds-this is a whole new game.


Eric Hoffman — Aug 01, 1995

The beginnings of an Aliens package. New shapes (they still need work), and a physics model and map round out the package. Really designed for net play.

Royal Arena

Unknown — Jul 28, 1995

Short on weapons, but you can use the doors to crush your enemies... Whatever you do, don't let the Bobs out.


Jason Thompson — Jul 28, 1995

Same guy who did Shockadelica. This is another well-though-out level. It should keep you busy for a while..


Bernard Faral — Jul 28, 1995

Hard. Lots of sharp angles. Expect to start this one a bunch of times...


Jason Thompson — Jul 28, 1995

No real plot, just stay alive as long as possible and find all the secrets. Well made, and well thought out. Fun!

Pfhornication v2.0

Steve Weintraub — Jul 28, 1995

A very nice net level for mid-sized games. Comes with a couple of movies, to give you a feel for it...


Jeremy Condit — Jul 28, 1995

This one's pretty slick. A two-player game (more will crash Marathon). 5-D space taken about as far as it can go. Check it out!

The Magic Roundabout

Jeremy Condit — Jul 28, 1995

A 5-D map. Nice and clean, with some nice sniper ledges...

Phor The Love Of God

Curt Lewis — Jul 28, 1995

A couple of big arenas (watch the Juggernauts!), and lots of sniper positions. A little dark.

Oh Pfhuck!

Steven Ward — Jul 28, 1995

Somebody's house, with weapons. Works only on PowerMacs.

Suicide v6.0

Butch Massoni — Jul 24, 1995

4 more (will he never stop?). A new version of Yer Out There!, which Butch says is fixed, still freezes our 040's, but it runs fine on Powermacs. DragStrip2 is, as Butch says, "great practice if you go dove hunting." Check 'em out!


ArtL999 — Jul 24, 1995

An interesting concept-a non-linear map. You don't have to go from level 1 to level 2 to ... You can jump around. Biggest problem seems to be a lack of save terminals.


Matt B — Jul 24, 1995

The first released map incorporating Pfhunky Stairs. A pretty nice one, too...

Suicide v7

Butch Massoni — Jul 24, 1995

4 more (will he never stop?). A new version of Yer Out There!, which Butch says is fixed, still freezes our 040's, but it runs fine on Powermacs. DragStrip2 is, as Butch says, "great practice if you go dove hunting." Check 'em out!

Stop the Press!

Jeremy Condit — Jul 24, 1995

Another strategy map. There's a room that controls doors and a crusher in another room. The control room is pretty vulnerable. The crusher room has all the goodies. Where will you go?

Buskey's Master Wall

Qaz — Jul 24, 1995

Another map that doesn't really belong here, but I don't have a better place to put it... This is the coolest trick I've seen in a long time. Ever wanted to make a room your net enemies couldn't figure out how to get into? This is it. Author says you should put this in your maps, and send him copies. Do it-this will beautifully augment almost any level. Comes with a small demo of the technique.

Proving Ground v1.1

Kevin Hastie — Jul 24, 1995

2 levels. One big, one not quite as big. Nice layouts. Problems have been fixed, and the new additions are great! These are a couple of very nice levels. (The flow on the smaller one is great. If it didn't have wasps, it'd be even better...)

Expedite This!

Michael Gaines — Jul 13, 1995

Geometrical, but easy to lose track of where you are.

Suicide v12

Butch Massoni — Jul 13, 1995

Another 5, all original. I think our favorite was Narrow. Watch for freezing crashes in Yer Out There!

The Man-Trap

Jeremy Condit — Jul 13, 1995

Teleporters send you to a small prison for 45 seconds, where your enemies can take potshots at you.

Hooligan Maps

Patio — Jul 13, 1995

Two maps. Very geometrical. Watch the glass walls.

Put out the Pfhire! v2.5

Joe Auty — Jul 13, 1995

Has a geometrical feel. Good flow, nice balance of passageways, open areas, and sniper ledges. New version has been much improved


tmmurray — Jul 06, 1995

Three levels, all open. One small bug, but other than that, a pretty cool example of bridging.

MAD 12-pack

MADisher — Jul 06, 1995

A big collection. Well-made, but they all start to look alike after awhile. Most are pretty big (4 players plus).

Suicide 4

Butch Massoni — Jul 06, 1995

3 more from the CarnageMeister. 2 originals, one modified Bungie level (Ingue Ferroque). Much better than the last batch (IMHO). Mars' Canals is deadly!

Marathon FAQ v3.0

Uknown — Jun 25, 1995

This hasn't been updated for quite some time (since before the M2 preview came out), but it still has lots and lots of useful information about M1. In Docmaker format.

Underground mod 5

Thomas Samson — Jun 23, 1995

Big (3-player is minimum), but well thought-out. Been through lots of revisions. Some nice touches in this latest one (you can turn the lights on downstairs!).

5D What

Glenn Wehmeyer — Jun 22, 1995

The initial maze is annoying (texture choice makes it really hard to see where you're going), but there's lots more to find.

Suicide v3

Butch Massoni — Jun 22, 1995

Five more from the CarnageMeister. 4 originals, one modified Bungie level (Bob-B-Q). I don't know... There's still plenty of carnage, but more and more finesse is required... Maybe he's just getting older. (Nahhh...)

Slaughter v2.0

Eric Jorgensen — Jun 22, 1995

Simple torus. Comes in two flavors-net play (watch the inside room) and solo play (lots and lots and lots of exploding bobs).


Walter Freitag — Jun 18, 1995

2 Levels. Apparently, modeled after the first two levels of Doom. Comes with Doom music, for atmosphere. Not guaranteed to be bug-free (I fixed one divide-by-zero crasher, but I may have missed others). The readme is in WordPerfect format, so I've html'ized it. WARNING-it's big, with lots of graphics, and Netscape-enhanced.

Suicide v9

Butch Massoni — Jun 18, 1995

I've got to get a better naming scheme for the Suicide maps, because their creator (Butch Massoni) is turning them out way too fast. Here's six more, three originals. The first two should only be played by people who don't mind dying (a LOT). We hit 117 deaths in 4 minutes with three people on Cylinder.

Crash City

prolenik — Jun 18, 1995

A very large outdoor map. Quite nicely done, but slow at times, due to the fact that you can see many polygons at once.


John Lewis — Jun 18, 1995

A very nice net map with great flow. Works well with as few as three, but can handle 8, too.

Villa Banzai

Lincoln Lydick — Jun 18, 1995

A 19th century Italian villa with a few deadly secrets. Quality is up to Bungie standards. Get it just to look at it, even if your machine isn't fast enough to play it well.

Plus Key Save Anywhwere

afcchip — Jun 15, 1995

Allows 68K owners playing M1 to save their games anywhwere, without finding a save term. Doesn't work on M2, or PPCs. Includes patches for M1 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2.

Mikey's Map Pak

X08SI — Jun 12, 1995

8 Maps. Annoying names. Generally, these maps require a pretty high skill level. (Lots of baddies, lots of up-and-down sighting, lots of deadly stuff.)

Suicide II

Butch Massoni — Jun 07, 1995

Contains all the unique levels of Suicide Maps and New Suicide Maps (cleaned up to the level of Suicide Maps v.2). That is, if you want all 16 levels in the two Suicide releases, but you want the bugs taken out, get this map.

Chuck's Maps

Charles Tilford — Jun 07, 1995

3 maps. One is a model of Chuck's house, complete with furniture. The other two are simple net maps that concentrate on giving you a place to kill your friends.

Tiger's Eye

Tim Hallstrom — Jun 07, 1995

One level (well, there's a pseudo-second). You're the captain of Tiger's Eye, back to repel the aliens. Pretty nice-you'll be trying to figure out what each switch does... Comes with a term patch.

Kill This Thing

Peer Schmitz — Jun 07, 1995

Very, very big. A three-story building that you can go outside of. We had some flow problems (too much in the way), and the textures aren't very consistent, but with enough people, this can be a fun level. Make sure Marathon has at least 8 Megs. AMUG version's uncompressed.

Three Maps from Billy Bob

Tim Hallstrom — Jun 07, 1995

Three net maps (could you guess?). Small, with plenty of baddies. 2-4 players works nicely. If you get this from AMUG, you'll also get two solo levels (available separately as well).

20 Minutes of Hell

TIm Hallstrom — Jun 07, 1995

One level. Not a true solo level, in the sense that there's no plot. It's for burning off steam... If you get this from AMUG, you'll be getting 4 other levels (available separately as well).

Network Map

Larry Charles — Jun 07, 1995

Gotta love the name. A major reworking of Waldo World. Some nice touches. Too many rechargers, if you ask me. Comes with a shapes patch that includes a missile sight.

Manual for Terminal Editing

Uknown — Jun 05, 1995

Just created a new level, but you're not sure how to edit the comm terminals to contain your text instead of Bungie's? Read this!(Here for historical purposes... there are *much* better tools now.)

Passage of Fools

Dean Neufeld — Jun 04, 1995

8 levels. It's getting bigger, and it still requires caution, but there's more ammo now. Some pretty nice additions.

New Suicide Maps

Butch Massoni — Jun 04, 1995

11 levels, some repeats, in the genre of the first suicide maps (see the modified bungie page). In addition to 6 modified bungie levels (five of which are in the first suicide release), there are 5 new levels. Small and to the point. Watch yourself. Like the first set, these are rough, but I should be releasing a cleaned-up version in the next few days.

Watch Your Step V4.0

Andy Kaufmann — Jun 04, 1995

This has got to be one of the hardest levels I've ever played, and for the wrong reasons. There are no allowed mistakes-fall off a thin ledge, and you start over. It grows on you, though.


Scott C. Johnson — Jun 04, 1995

Interesting concept, but I'm not sure about the implementation. Once you're in a pillbox, you're there till you die.

Control Your Destiny v1.0

Unknown — Jun 04, 1995

Another modification of Waldo World. New textures, light switches, a control room, a teleporter maze... Not a bad job at all. (May need more players to be fun than Waldo World does, owing to its larger size.)

Marathon Bridge Map

Kevin Stone — Jun 04, 1995

A serious extension of Phunky Stairs (see below). This is a great example of what you can do with bridges. The author would like to see this incorporated into a full net map.

Arena of Death

NeoN — Jun 04, 1995

Well, it has an open room in the center, so I guess it can be called an arena, but it's dark, and the room is segmented by catwalks...

Desperate Pfhor Net

Ian Kelleigh — Jun 01, 1995

Turns the Bobs into vicious, killing animals. When you need that net fix, but there's noone around...

Chris's Cross

Kirk Cumming — May 26, 1995

Nice concept-a bunch of interconnected small rooms, with a passageway that goes over the top and provides lots of sniper positions. The phfor textures make it a little hard to see any distance at low resolution, though.

UCSC Hahn Student Center

Tim Kolar — May 26, 1995

Very clean. Outdoors, lots of open spaces. Most weapons are in tight stairwells, so getting them might be dangerous...

Juicy Bits-O'-Bob

e. rühling — May 26, 1995

Lots of bobs + lots of crushing columns + baddies + small space = lots of dead bobs.

Alpha Dome v1.1

Kent Rich — May 26, 1995

Nice combo of open and closed spaces. Symmetrical layout with different features in each section (which makes for some disorientation). Textures are used well for differentiation, but these become useless if you find the night vision powerup.


Zach Norwood — May 26, 1995

One big (very big) pit, with some sniper positions, and a couple of pathways through some lava. Watch the juggernaut. Comes with a (required) physics model.

Selenite v2.0

Nick Esborn — May 26, 1995

Pretty simple. Another arena, with a couple of twists. A bit dark. Now updated with more secrets, better flow.

The Woolen Mill v1.1

Phil Harvey — May 26, 1995

Very, very big. Pretty neat concept, though. Updated with a few new tweaks.

Phor Play

Unknown — May 22, 1995

Big. No docs. Plays okay, though.


Jamie Myer — May 22, 1995

A model of an existing building at Connecticut College. A couple of the rooms are big enough to cause smearing.


Tom Klancer — May 22, 1995

Big, lots of windy passages. Short on weapons, long on ammo.

The Pit of Hell v1.2

Lucas Cadena — May 22, 1995

Big. Simple layout, but with a few nasty twists. Watch out for the trash compactor.

Phor The Record

Unknown — May 22, 1995

See Phor Play

Suicide Maps v2.0

Claude Errera — May 22, 1995

6 Levels. I took the suicide maps, cleaned them up, got rid of four (mostly out of laziness), and added a touch or two. These are much smaller, with fewer bugs.

World Wide Web v1.1

Mike Neylon — May 16, 1995

Another of Mike Neylon's maps, also available in the MKN pack above. Tight corridors, but it moves well. Great with three players. Usually I like to keep baddies to a minimum, but here they do a great job of blocking. Get out of my way, he's after me! Aaggghh!

Sewer v1.1

James W. Berry — May 16, 1995

Comes in two versions-the net level doesn't contain any moving textures, to speed up net play. Check out the solo one, anyway. Nicely balanced.

Vita Flo v1.0

Brent Gustafson — May 16, 1995

Man, someone should teach this guy about the proper use of textures.

White Phospfhorus

Chris Bova — May 16, 1995

This is a Tozter level. Four available at all times. Nice and small, so there's nowhere to run. Works only on PowerMacs.

It's Not Easy Being Green v1.0

Mike Neylon — May 16, 1995

Another of Mike Neylon's maps, also available in the MKN pack below. Small, but busy enough to be hard on slower 040's.

Dark and Light

Matt B — May 16, 1995

Good use of lighting techniques. Some nice touches, although finding them all with the baddies and your compatriots trying to kill you might be a bit difficult...

Rising Sun v1.0

Mike Neylon — May 16, 1995

Another of Mike Neylon's maps, also available in the MKN pack above. Dark.

Trial and Error

cmoskalonek — May 14, 1995

Big, but with some nice features. Lots of scary places, but there's (almost) always a way out. Comes with a physics model.

Hamster Mase

Matthew Ramquist — May 14, 1995

A little too cramped for me. It seems to be the beginning of something bigger- actually has a working changed terminal (at least the map is changed...)

The Pfhorte Guide vFinal

Frigidman™ — May 13, 1995

This is the famed Map Making Guide to Pfhorte2.0a14. This guide is not strictly for use with Pfhorte, because it explains some basic concepts and other ideas behind creating maps for Marathon. If anything, it's a hoot to read through because it's nostalgic historical writing.

Many people over the years have still found good information in this very old guide. Amazing, I had written it over 6 years ago and its STILL NEEDED!

So if you are a fledgling level maker for Marathon, and want some good head start pointers, then pick up this tastey tidbit and read on!

Another Arena?!

Mark Brooks — May 11, 1995

Just what it sounds like. Nice flow, but careful- it's full of baddies. (Not for those who believe that net levels are for killing your friends.) Works only on PowerMacs.

Enterprise Map

Steve Weintraub — May 09, 1995

Designed to look like the USS Enterprise (first generation). You'll have to imagine the textures, but it's a good start on the layout.

NetHell v1.1

Matthew Ramquist — May 09, 1995

Interesting premise-all but one net player start in the same big room, the single outcast starts in Hell, and has to find his way out. No nice way to test it single-player, because the Hell starting location never gets used.

Death Star Arena

vurkanan — May 09, 1995

Nice big arena. Lots of fun stuff to find.

Suicide v5.0

Butch Massoni — May 09, 1995

10 Levels. Very nice concept-ten solo levels were hacked to provide small, enclosed spaces for carnage. Teleporters and elevators were added as needed for flow. A little rough (some texture smearing), but no major problems.

Subway Station v1.1

Mike Neylon — May 09, 1995

Nice layout-simple, yet hard to predict.

Main Street USA

Steve Weintraub — May 09, 1995

Very simple, lots of carnage. No place to hide. (Outdoors)

Pfhor Engineering 0-6

Mark Brooks — May 09, 1995

Large slice (7 decks) of a Pfhor engineering section. Nice balance of open spaces and tight corridors. Works only on PowerMacs.

The Pit v1.2

Mike Neylon — May 09, 1995

A lot like Arena, only smaller. Now with more enemies.

Suicide Maps

Butch Massoni — May 09, 1995

10 Levels. Very nice concept-ten solo levels were hacked to provide small, enclosed spaces for carnage. Teleporters and elevators were added as needed for flow. A little rough (some texture smearing), but no major problems.

Fodder Wall v1.1

Mike Neylon — May 09, 1995

Simple-a concept map. Really high wall.

Dark Side v1.1

Mike Neylon — May 09, 1995

A lot like 5-D space, but more open. Good use of lighting.

I Could've Had a V8! v1.2

Mike Neylon — May 09, 1995

This one is great. Carnage the way it ought to be. Now with more enemies and weapons, and a small bug fix.

Death to the Infidels!

Jonathon Wolfe — May 05, 1995

Some nice features, but watch the ampitheater-type rooms! Lots of ornamentation.

King of the Hill

RabidJoe — May 05, 1995

An annoying infatuation with elevators, rooms that are *way* too tall (this is the first time I've felt vertigo jumping off a ledge in Marathon) and an incompatibility with 680x0 macs makes this one hard to recommend.


Tom Phillips — May 05, 1995

Hope you like lava. (Lots of good stuff to find, if you look hard enough...)

Rocky's 6-Pak

Mark Brooks — May 04, 1995

Six levels. Simple textures (one in Pfhor style), geometric layout, good net levels. (Too many walleye powerups, tho.) Nice use of elevators. Works only on PowerMacs.


Kevin Stone — May 03, 1995

Sort of a demo map (actually comes with some tutorial-type stuff) of interesting special effects. Incorporates the two-level stairs shown in Pfhunky Stairs (found in the Novelty Maps section). A bit hard to get around, at first.

Alien Ship

Aaron Countryman — May 03, 1995

Laid out to look like a real ship. Quite nice, actually. Some good outside stuff.

USS Raider

James Brewster — May 01, 1995

Four levels, from the maker of Athens Outpost. Be careful-this is not an easy scenario. Well done.

Section13 v9.0

Jaron Ghani — May 01, 1995

Nine levels. (The first 3 are in mappak 1, 5-7 in mappak 2.) High tech (lots of metal). Pretty hard, weaponwise.

Pfhortress v2.0

PavLove/Rabid Joe — May 01, 1995

Just what it says. Nice concept, a little hard to get around. Updated to work on all macs (not just PowerMacs).

Black Lightning

sja137 — Apr 28, 1995

Some nice touches. Nice placement on the single SPNKR. Explore everything!

Snipers Only v2.0

Patrick Gray — Apr 28, 1995

New version. Lots of big rooms, with high perches... Some very nice updates

The House of God v1.4

oMaT — Apr 28, 1995

Another map in the God is Pfhorever series (currently includes Quicksilver, The Hand of God, and Solidaridad). Not too shabby.

May Pfhortune Favor the Foolish v2.2

calon — Apr 28, 1995

Long passages, carnage pits, good places to hide... Comes with a sounds patch.

Solidaridad v1.2

oMaT — Apr 28, 1995

Another in the God is Pfhorever series (with (currently) The Hand of God, The House of God, and QuickSilver). Haven't had a chance to play it yet.

Pfhunky Stairs

Kevin Stone — Apr 28, 1995

Doesn't really belong in Novelty maps, but doesn't belong anywhere else, either... A demo of an interesting idea for over/under stairs. Author suggests he'd like to see this used in a great net level...

Throne Of God

oMaT — Apr 26, 1995

Comes as both a net level and a single level. (No clue why they've been separated.)

Pfhor Pete's Sake

Unknown — Apr 26, 1995

A work in progress-the first 3 Levels of a 17 level scenario.

O Phortuna!

Daniel Crowder — Apr 26, 1995

Don't really like the textures, but...

QuickSilver v1.1

oMaT — Apr 26, 1995

Very large, and unfinished. Lots of places to explore, more fun stuff than before.

The Light Show

Naval Ravikant — Apr 26, 1995

Welcome To The Revolution, without the baddies.


Scott C. Johnson — Apr 22, 1995

Lots of stairs. Good open spaces. Short on weapons.

Hall Pass v1.0

Mike Neylon — Apr 22, 1995

If you like open spaces, get this map. 'Nuff said.


Kirill Levchenko — Apr 22, 1995

Towers and elevators. Hard to see the point without someone to play it with. Comes in a normal and vacuum version.


Eric Rémy — Apr 22, 1995

Big. Only works on PowerMacs.

Mg's Arena

Unknown — Apr 22, 1995

Well, don't let me stop you. (I would, though.)

Go Eat A Cat

Unknown — Apr 22, 1995

I found it cramped. You might not, though.

Marathon S.C.C. Maps

Scott Cornelisen — Apr 20, 1995

7 modified net levels. This guy really loves that green texture.

Net Funhouse

Unknown — Apr 20, 1995

I hate the textures, but the level's pretty fun with three players. Look for the Spanker!

The Bog Pit

Mike Krier — Apr 20, 1995

Author says experts only.

IRC Map of Pfhame

James Hakim — Apr 20, 1995

Lots of corridors, no places to hide, no aliens. If you use the enclosed shapes patch, the walls have pictures of all the IRC #marathon folks. Way too many invisibility powerups (IMHO).

Aim High

Derek Carroll — Apr 20, 1995

You better be good. Great use of platforms.


Aaron Countryman — Apr 17, 1995

Huge. Lots and lots and lots of hidden doors. Aliens can be a pain. (A remake, working this time, of Landing Bay.)

Fm: Pfhree Pfhor All v2.6.3

Frigidman™ — Apr 17, 1995

It was created with Pfhorte.
Map was Finished on Arpil 17th 1995

Just put it in the same folder and make it named "Map", and put the Physics Model also, if you wish to use it, and name it "Physics".

Some Info on what you are about to experience: Milestones was my first 'real' map that was worth letting others use. It has lots of really nice things in it, so play it first before viewing it with a map editor. IT’S MUCH FUNNER TO UNCOVER SECRETS WHEN PLAYING THE GAME. Pfhree Pfhor All is the latest I've made, and is very dangerous in total carnage. Both are meant for net play, but can also be played solo.

The Physics file that came with this map file is a combination of Peters Net Physics and my own. I loved the shotgun and hunters version of the alien weapon, so I incorporated them in. These physics will also enable all (AND WORK BEST) the extra special sounds that are in the MarathonEnhancingSnds2.6. So if you're already are using those sounds with the previous physics that came with it, these physics will not mess anything up :-)

•IMPORTANT• If you do not want to use the new sounds, but you do want to use the Physics, then if you want a sound to play for the shotgun (Zeus class fusion pistol) then you will need to go in with the Physics editor.
What you need to change: Go into the weapons catagory
Select Zeus class plasma pistol
then click on firing profile
select the firing sound id 140
and change it to 2040
Thats all you need, to do.
Or you can be really messy and copy the sound ID 140 from the EnhancedSoundsFile into your sounds file. It will not replace anything, and it will add the true shotgun sound to the game. You will need, and need to know, ResEdit.

Fm: Rancid Cafe v1

Frigidman™ — Apr 17, 1995

It was created with Pfhorte.
Map was Finished on Arpil 17th 1995

Some Info on what you are about to experience: Milestones was my first 'real' map that was worth letting others use. It has lots of really nice things in it, so play it first before viewing it with a map editor. ITS MUCH FUNNER TO UNCOVER SECRETS WHEN PLAYING THE GAME. Pfhree Pfhor All is the second I've made, and is very dangerous in total carnage. Both are meant for net play, but can also be played solo. Finally there is Rancid Café, this one is REALLY harmful to the system. It's much more different when you use the included patch and physics, more on those later. This level was created one saturday afternoon, and aliens were placed the following day. I have extensively tested this, so there are no crashes. There might be a tiny bug somewhere, but just shoot at it and it will go away ;-)

RUN THE PATCH ON YOUR SHAPES FILE, there is no need to duplicate your shapes, because this pather will do it for you. Don't get all excited though about the shapes. They just tweek a few things to make the game play more interesting, they do not add any new graphics...sorry, but I have had no luck with making any alternate shapes with the shapes editors out there.

•••There are two Physics files that came with this map file:

• The first Physics: The one that says "NoPatch" is to be used if you DO NOT want to use the patch on your shapes file.

• The second Physics: The one that says "UseWithPatch" is to be used ONLY when you apply the patch to your shapes file. WARNING you must use these Physics if you want to use the patch!!! Otherwise things will be REALLY weird, and to be frank, Fu**ed up :-)

• They are a combination of Peters Net Physics and my own. I loved the shotgun and hunters version of the alien weapon, so I incorporated them in.

• These physics will also enable all (AND WORK BEST) the extra special sounds that are in the MarathonEnhancingSnds2.6. So if you're already are using those sounds with the previous physics that came with it, these physics will not mess anything up :-)

•IMPORTANT• If you do not want to use the new sounds, but you do want to use the Physics, then, if you want a sound to play for the shotgun (zues class fusion pistol) then you will need to go in with the Physics editor:
What you need to change: Go into the weapons catagory
Select Zues class plasma pistol
then click on firing profile
select the firing sound id 140
and change it to 2040
Thats all you need, to do.

Or you can be really messy and copy the sound ID 140 from the EnhancedSoundsFile into your sounds file. It will not replace anything, and it will add the true shotgun sound to the game. You will need, and need to know, ResEdit.

This is one that I wish to convert to another gameing platform someday (textures included and special effects as well!)

Three Net Maps

Alec Johnston — Apr 17, 1995

Three levels. Contains one previously released map (Sniper Palace) and two new ones. Check out Circular Death for awesome net play!

Athens Outpost

James Brewster — Apr 15, 1995

Single level. Has a feel like G4 Sunbathing. Pretty polished. Comes with a patch for terminal messages.

Fm: Milestones v1

Frigidman™ — Apr 14, 1995

Frigidman's first ever full map made for any of the marathon series. Its a novelty item!

This map was the first ever map recorded in history to be made from the ground up for Marathon. Aptly named, it tested out the powers of the revolutionary tool, that started this endless Marathon craze, called Pfhorte.

It was created with Phorte1.0d5.
Map was Finished on Arpil 14th 1995 and spammed to the marathon Usenet groups of the time (initial medium for releasing one's map!).

A few things to mention about Milestones...
It is a true net map, so no net patch is needed.
The level is very hard on solo when playing in total carnage.
Play the map before looking at it with an editor...much more fun finding the secrets that way.
Other than the obvious ones, that's all I have to say.

Whip Scorpion

Eric Jorgensen — Apr 14, 1995

A major upgrade to XenoPhobia (see below). Check out the BobCrusher!

Modern Waldo V2.0

Zach Norwood — Apr 14, 1995

For those of you who love Waldo World...

A Map Called Billy

John Howard — Apr 13, 1995

I *really* like this level. Great mix of open space and ledges. Watch the closin' doors!

Deep Thought

Derek Carroll — Apr 12, 1995

From the creator of Kill! Kill! Kill! Simple layout, in the E=MC What! genre.

Betty Bobs Patch 1.1

impactt — Apr 12, 1995

Turns your bobs into women. Now contains a sounds patch, as well!

XenoPhobia v1.1.3d5

Eric Jorgensen — Apr 12, 1995

A couple of bugs, but a new one's coming out soon.

Fm's Enhancement Pack v3

Frigidman™ — Apr 11, 1995

Oh... my... GOSH! This is a blast from the past. Here is the copy paste from the readme:


-by Frigidman

Don't get all excited though about the shapes. They just add a few things to make the game play more interesting, like turreted defense guns, a BIG weapon, a shotgun, and some barrels that blowup...nothing really exciting ;-)

If you wish to have all the sounds changed for optimum play with these new shapes and physics...then use the Enhanced Sounds-3.0.1 (found in this archive for your convienence). This file will have ALL the new sounds, and changed sounds for the other things as well.

What the Physics do:
•Changes almost every weapon, I'm sure you will enjoy the new ones. Play with them to see what they do ;-)
•Makes the Invisible Looker an Exploding Barrel. Self explanitory: Bang Bang, clink clunk, KABOOOOOM!!!
•Makes the Jugernaught a nasty mean Defense Gun. Be careful, they go ballistic. And DON'T get too close to them.
•Tweeks a few other things a bit to fix some bugs bungie had ;-)

The included map is a beefed up version of Rancid Café, and it includes Barrels, Guns, and some really nasty hulks. And everything else that has been changed/added.

Helpful Notes, All of my files have version info in them, so if you forget what it was called (do to moving files around to play marathon), you can just look it up in the get info box. (Although, the sound installer will not add version info. But the full Sounds3.0 file does have it, as well as every previous file I have sent out)

Randall Shaw "Frigidman"

---- UpdateMaker document description, file format 64 ----
The original file was called Shapes
It was created on Monday, April 17, 1995,
and was last modified on Wednesday, April 19, 1995

The new file is called Shapes.
It is 6470K long.
It was created on Monday, April 17, 1995,
and was last modified on Friday, April 28, 1995

Fm's Exploding Barrels! v1

Frigidman™ — Apr 11, 1995

Yes... Exploding Barrels... the first of their kind EVER for Marathon!

RUN THE PATCH ON YOUR SHAPES FILE, there is no need to duplicate your shapes, because this pather will do it for you. Get all excited about the shapes. They are done well, I think. The graphics of the barrel exploding were done by hand in a matter of an hour, so appreciate my hard work ;-)

•You must use the Physics file that came with this patch. It enables the barrels. The barrels are now what used to be, invisible lookers. Seein how no one liked these creatures, and they only showed up three times in the real game...I used them in the physics to do the dirty work.

To use and place barrels in your map files, just put a monster of type "Invisible Hound" or "Invisible Looker" (depending on your program). THATS IT.

I have included a real stupid map, just to show off the new barrels. It's only an example, so don't think it's an actual level.

The pict file just has the raw graphics that are used. Just in case you want to use them differently than I did. If you do use them, please give me credit, it wasn't easy to make the graphics. Thx.

Randall Shaw "FrigidMan"

Marathon Shape Installer 2.0b1

Kevin Bell — Apr 11, 1995

Lets you edit shapes, and uses Drag and Drop.

Marathon Dungeon Shapes

Patrick Moynihan — Apr 08, 1995

Get rid of that alien feel, put yourself in a dungeon! Comes with a small map to show you the new textures. (Really nice!)

New Shapes 2.0

Predator — Apr 07, 1995

Makes netplayers look like troopers.

Marathon Sound Transporter

Brian Durand — Apr 06, 1995

Allows you to make sound installers to add sounds to M1 Sound files.

Bob Fro 1.1

Brent Fulton — Apr 02, 1995

Gives your bobs afros.

Doom Textures

Unknown — Apr 01, 1995

Just what it sounds like.

Dogs of Pfhor

Unknown — Apr 01, 1995

Gives you marines to fight on your side (two kinds) and two new (nasty) weapons.

Marathon 1.0 => 1.2 updater

Bungie Software — Mar 30, 1995

Updates version 1.0 to 1.2. Fixes lots of mouse problems. Doesn't work on version 1.1.

Map Editing FAQ

Uknown — Mar 27, 1995

What it sounds like. (Very, very old info.)

Marathon Shapes Editor 1.2b

Joe Kloss — Mar 27, 1995

Lets you edit the shapes file with images of your own.

Rudimentary Level Editing

Uknown — Mar 27, 1995

More of a curiosity than anything else. Gives instructions on using a data fork editor to modify Gamma (and Beta) levels. Almost surely won't work on released versions.

MS Bob Patch

Unknown — Mar 27, 1995

Adds a MS Windows logo on the breast of your bobs. Kind of hard to see, especially when you're trying to kill someone.

What Goes Kata

Mattias Fornander — Mar 20, 1995

A very nice twisting of What Goes Up...

Pfhunky Chicken

Zach Norwood — Mar 20, 1995

Nasty textures. Great if you like wide open spaces.

Funny Map

Kirill Levchenko — Mar 20, 1995

Good for a laugh. Can't play it, though (no weapons).


Scott Rogala — Mar 20, 1995

Lots of elevators, good mix of open and closed areas. 15K

Pfhor What It's Worth

Steve Israelson — Mar 20, 1995

Nice, as far as it goes.


Charlie Deck — Mar 20, 1995

Don't play this drunk.

Land of the Lantern

James Hakim — Mar 20, 1995

Very big. Great on PowerMacs, seems to crash 680x0's.

Bunker ID#24

Jeff Eaton — Mar 20, 1995

Lots of weapons. Look for that 3x recharger!


Bruce Hartzler — Mar 20, 1995

Simple, small, beautiful! I love it! (Needs more weapons, though.)

Dogs of Pfhor v2.1

AlphaAngel — Mar 20, 1995

Marines that help you out, and a couple of (really) nasty new enemies make this package one worth looking at.

A Little Map

Unknown — Mar 20, 1995

Just what it says. That last corner is a doozy!


Unknown — Mar 20, 1995

Never played it, but might be fun with 2 or 3 players.


Unknown — Mar 20, 1995

Kill that nasty dinosaur! Work out those agressions!


Harry Hahn — Mar 20, 1995

Personally, I like a little more room to move.

Tanks and Sans

Tony Hammitt — Mar 20, 1995

Two levels. Geometrical, lots of nooks and crannies. Fun.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Derek Carroll — Mar 20, 1995

A large, bisymmetrical (almost) level with lots of nice sniping windows.

Save Patch

Scott Fenton — Mar 18, 1995

Almost the same as above. Only includes patches for versions 1.1 and 1.0. Uses the action key to save instead of... oh, I forget.

Shape Shuttle

Randy Reddig — Mar 18, 1995

Creates a "patcher" that contains only your changed shapes. Don't distribute huge Shapes files! Use Shape Shuttle and save up/download time!

Marathon Engine FAQ v0.6

Uknown — Mar 18, 1995

Early version of this document, but contains lots of useful information about the limits of the Marathon engine.

Pfhorte Handbook v1.3

Uknown — Mar 18, 1995

Just what it sounds like. Nicely laid out, in DocMaker format. Straightforward descriptions of all options, as well as hints. New version covers lighting and object placement, and has a preview of Marathon2 editing... Get this if you use Pfhorte! (Also useful for Mia users...) For use with the Pfhorte Handbook Resource Set. Version 1.3 adds a lot of information about scripting-includes instructions on how to build Waldo World with scripts! Minor updates to other chapters. Still doesn't cover M2, except in general terms.

NK Level Mover 1.0a2

Unknown — Mar 18, 1995

Lets you move different levels between Map files. You can make a Map file with only Waldo World Arena in it to bring to net games, for example. (Warning: this program is incompatible with maps made with the latest versions of Pfhorte, and the author has no plans to update it.)

Meta 0.1a1

Unknown — Mar 18, 1995

Lets you convert Doom and Doom II WADs to a form Marathon can use.

Marathon Physics Model Editor 1.1

Unknown — Mar 18, 1995

Lets you edit (and create) physics models for Marathon.

KPT Shapes

Dave Bittner — Mar 18, 1995

Made using Kai's Power Tools. Gives your net games that psychedelic feel.

Marathon Specs

Uknown — Mar 18, 1995

Very low level. M1 only. Don't bother if you're not a programmer.

Star Trek Textures

Unknown — Mar 18, 1995

Textures that feel like star trek the next generation.

Map Select 1.0

Stuart Espey — Mar 18, 1995

With this in your M1 folder, you can drop any map (in that folder) on it, regardless of name, and double-clicking on your Marathon app starts a game using that map. Want to use a different app? Drop it on Map Select, and it will be the one modified with new map names. Brings some of the convenience of M2 to M1...

Marathon Gothic Shapes

Unknown — Mar 18, 1995


WAD exporters

Unknown — Mar 18, 1995

Provides very primitive tools for converting Doom WADs to Marathon maps... in a many-step, tedious process.

Marathon Giger Textures

Bruce Hartzler — Mar 18, 1995

"Alien" the movie, feel.

Marathon Demo

Bungie Software — Mar 18, 1995

The demo for the first version. Contains three levels for solo play and one net level. Very different feel from M2 or Infinity-if you haven't played it, you should give it a try.

Ultimate Giger Textures 0.8

Unknown — Mar 18, 1995

More of that Alien feel.

Spy Shapes

SuperSpy — Mar 18, 1995

Mansonesque. (Charles, that is.)

Fm: Net Maps Hackjob v2.5

Frigidman™ — Mar 12, 1995

Maps were Finished on March 12th 1995

This map pack are completly redone versions of the original Marathon net maps. Also the level G4 sunbathing was converted and changed into a net map in this pack.

To use, just rename the file to "Map" and move your original Map out, and place this in your Marathon folder. You play on them just like any other.

To play them solo, you have to hold cmd-option to jump to the level in the pack you wish to play on.

Fm's Hysterical Sounds v1

Frigidman™ — Jan 14, 1995

Funny Sounds

It appears my hyper sci-fi sounds have been lost in the bit/byte world of the internet, never to be found again or heard from again (no pun intended, YEAH RIGHT!). So you will have to live with just the funny ones that I managed to scrounge up off a hard drive somewhere.

Thank you for trying out this alternative Marathon Sounds file. If you have already tried the sounds, I hope you are enjoying them as much as I. If you havn't yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

I took a lot of time and effort to put this together and would love some feedback. I can be left eMail. I only ask for suggestions, ideas, feet kissing praise, etc. Not money. This is freeware, because Bungie is resposible for bringing such a wonderful game to our computers, not me.

Please feel free to use and manipulate these sounds in any way you like. Some of these sounds I made myself, and some I got from various products and shareware. So if you hear something familiar, sorry.

Randall Shaw "FrigidMan"

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